Holmstrom 65th wedding anniversary

Don and Mary Holmstrom are celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary. Don Holmstrom grew up in Brook Park and Mary Horns, in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. On June 19, 1954, they married and made their home in Milwaukee.  

After high school graduation, Mary worked at Northwestern Mutual Life for about ten years, progressing from entry level in Records to Stenographer.  “In those years,” she said, “they only hired single ladies. Once women married, they could no longer work there.”  

Mary occasionally took the train to visit the Fedders in Pine City. Her Aunt Tine owned a restaurant called the Eat Shop. Mary saw Don one time when he came in for lunch.

Don went in the Army in August 1945 at the age of 18. America was at war with Japan and in October 1950 he was sent overseas.  Don met Mary’s cousin, Adolph Fedder at Camp Eta Jima and they became friends. Don wrote to Mary and in time, the two agreed to meet at the Eat Shop when he returned home.

On July 4, 1953, Don was on a ship in a harbor by Tokyo when Armistice was declared. In August his service was completed and he headed home. Mary’s scheduled vacation plans coincided with Don’s return. They met on Aug. 18, 1953, at the Eat Shop.

They currently make their home in New Berlin, Wisconsin. Mary still drives to church and to the grocery store. They have a son, Dennis, and daughter, Renita Radtke, five grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.


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