Shy Ann Hentges

The case of a Braham mother who was accused of murdering her two-month-old son has come to a conclusion, with the mother being found guilty of second degree murder, without intent.

According to court documents, 26-year-old Shy Ann Hentges was found guilty following a court trial on Tuesday, Dec. 3 by Judge John Klossner. Hentges waived the right to conduct a jury trial, opting to go with a court trial instead.

Hentges was originally charged with second degree murder and first degree manslaughter following a nine-month investigation stemming from an incident that occurred at Hentges’ residence on April 5, 2017. At that time, law enforcement responded to the Braham residence based on a report of an infant not breathing. Upon arrival, the infant was determined to be dead at the scene.

During the investigation, Hentges gave contradictory statements regarding the incident, at first claiming her son’s head accidentally hit a door frame as she carried him from the bathroom. Later, she indicated she “maybe put (the infant) down too forcefully” in his crib after feeding him.

Based on those interviews, plus interviewing the baby’s father, along with the autopsy that revealed rib fractures and at least two skull fractures, plus bruises on the child’s head, investigators felt they had enough evidence to charge Hentges.

Sentencing for Hentges has been scheduled for Feb. 20, 2020. Under Minnesota sentencing guidelines, Hentges could be sentenced to serve up to 40 years in prison.

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