A driver involved in a fatal vehicle crash last August in Brunswick has been charged with criminal vehicular homicide after allegedly failing to stop for a stop sign. The crash resulted in multiple severe injuries and one fatality.

The crash

According to the Minnesota State Patrol, at approximately 8:30 a.m. a Toyota Camry was traveling north on Mahogany Street when the driver allegedly failed to yield at the intersection of Hwy. 70; the car struck two Harley Davidson motorcycles and caused a Victory motorcycle to run off of the road. Each Harley was carrying a driver and a passenger.

The driver of the sedan was Par Klaw, 31, of St. Paul. According to the criminal complaint filed by the Kanabec County Court Administration Office, a Minnesota State Patrol was able to interview Klaw through an interpreter. Klaw allegedly told the trooper he was looking at his windshield-mounted GPS and at the last second realized there was a stop sign at Highway 70 —before he could slow down or stop.

Other witnesses at the scene confirmed the sedan did not stop at the stop sign.

A crash reconstruction trooper calculated the sedan was traveling a minimum of 31 miles per hour when it struck the motorcycles.


Some of those involved in the collision sustained serious injuries.

On one of the Harley Davidsons was:

• Jerrad J. Quenomoen, 42, of Java, South Dakota (driver); died at the scene.

• Charisse M. Janke, 42, of Java, South Dakota (passenger) sustained a severely broken leg and other injuries.

On the other Harley Davidson was:

• Bruce A. Johnson, 48, of Braham (driver), sustained a broken ankle that has impaired his ability to walk.

• Tina M. Johnson, 46, of Braham (passenger) sustained significant injuries.


Klaw was charged on Dec. 12 with:

• One felony count of criminal vehicular homicide/operating a vehicle in a grossly negligent manner. Maximum sentence is 10 years in prison and/or $20,000 fine.

• One felony count of criminal vehicular operation causing great bodily harm

• One gross misdemeanor count of reckless driving

• One misdemeanor count of reckless driving

• One misdemeanor count of failing to stop for a stop sign

Klaw’s first court appearance is scheduled for Jan. 16 at the Kanabec County Courthouse.

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Larry Rose

How does one, who needs an interpreter , obtain a Minnesota Drivers License, when they can't speak english ? Can they read the signs? One thing wrong with this liberal minded government we now have in this state.

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