Plan still needs township approval to go forward this year

Pine City’s current compost site will see a lot more traffic if and when it becomes a hub for recycling in the area.

Abuse of the recycling shed program in Pine City, with locations near Chris’ Foods and the Pine City Car Wash, has caused the program to move to a supervised location still pending final approval. Pine County and Pine City have made an agreement to have recyclables brought to the Pine City compost site on the corner of County Road 11 and Interstate 35 during supervised days and hours.

“We have had challenges with the unstaffed recycling sheds,” said Caleb Anderson, Pine County Land and Resources Manager. “We are going to monitor it closely and collect recyclables that we currently collect.”

The pilot project goes through June of 2020, said Anderson, and is expected to run three days per week from noon to 7 p.m. An attendant will be present at the site.

The project still needs approval of an interim use permit by the Pokegama Town Board. However, the Pokegama Township Planning Commission did vote in favor Monday night of recommending Town Board approval, Anderson said in an email.

The service is free of charge, and acceptable materials include: #1 - #7 plastics, aluminum cans, tin cans, clear glass, brown glass, mixed paper (newspaper, magazines, junk mail, phone books, cereal/cracker boxes), office paper and cardboard. The dumping of garbage, refuse and other non-listed materials is prohibited.

“I commend you for all you’ve done, Caleb,” said Commissioner Steve Hallan, of Pine City. “People want to recycle, but they get so disgusted when it’s full of garbage.” Hallan said the location is ideal because of the natural barriers it has to deter garbage dumping.

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Larry Rose

Mr Hallan your comment in regards to a natural barrier I believe means out of sight out of mind? How often have you personally visited these sights? Have you ever gone to the transfer stations which were built to intake up to 75 tons of garbage per day and I understand the Cambridge station is averaging well over 300 tons during the prime part of the season? On one day they did over 400 tons, 800,000 pounds. How much of that could have been recycled??

Larry Rose

Mr Hallan, if people want to recycle and you being on the East central Solid Waste Commission, why is there not recycling at the transfer stations? Also why do Pine County residents get a reduction in some items while Chisago County doesn't ? There are so many inconsistencies it is ridiculous. Answer that would!!

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