The number of COVID-19 cases in Pine County more than doubled last week, from five to 12, according to the Minnesota Department of Health. There have been no deaths related to COVID-19 reported yet in Pine County.

Schools providing meals to students

Pine City School Superintendent Curt Tryggestad said that though the schools are closed, they continue to provide distance learning – and meals for students.

Tryggestad said the Pine City schools food service prepared 4,383 meal packages (containing both breakfast and lunch) that were delivered to students via bus routes or picked up at the elementary school.  

Food services is preparing an average of 877 meal packages per day.  That is an increase of over 70 meal packages per day over last week.

Tryggestad also offered thanks to Burnett Dairy Cooperative of Grantsburg for donating over 1,800 pounds of cheese to Pine City students and families.  Each meal package distributed on Thursday included a two pound package of shredded cheese.

“Kudos to Burnett Dairy for their support of our students, families, and community during this time of need,” Tryggestad said.

Beer, wine now sold with food

Though the Stay at Home order has been extended to May 3, bars and restaurants can now sell an unopened six-pack of beer, cider or hard seltzer or a bottle of wine with food orders.

Golf, boating open up while other shutdown rules continue

Golf course open

Under the new rules, the Pine City Country Club was able to open for the season on Saturday, April 18, although the clubhouse is closed to prevent staff and customer infection. Set a tee time by calling 320-629-3848 and pay online at

Other rules and social distancing restrictions will apply. For more information visit

Boating OK

As boaters across Minnesota prepare to hit the water, they need to keep in mind tips for being safe on cold water as well as preventing the spread of COVID-19.

“As Minnesotans, we have a natural urge to get outside this time of year – and for many of us, that’s especially true this spring,” said Rodmen Smith, DNR Enforcement Division director. “We constantly remind people about ways they can stay safe while they’re on the water. In light of COVID-19, we also ask this year that you take additional steps to protect yourself, your family, and the people around you.”

NorthStar Neighbor

NorthStar Neighbor, a new nonprofit organization, matches volunteers with seniors or those at high risk of COVID-19 who need remote companionship and conversation and help with delivery of food or prescriptions.

The program matches healthy, low-risk Minnesotans who are under 60 with a senior in their community who is 60 or older or otherwise high-risk. The matched individuals take complete ownership of the process, but the volunteer is encouraged to communicate on a regular basis with their match and inquire about needed supplies, food or prescriptions.

The initiative was founded by a group of volunteers and is not part of any government program. Anyone wanting to volunteer or needing a match can apply at or by calling 612-430-8899.


• For health questions call 800-657-3903 or 651-201-3920 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week.

• Housing questions

For single-family residences:


For multi-family residences:


Monday-Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

• School and childcare questions call 651-297-1304 or 800-657-3504 from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. seven days a week

• For the discrimination helpline call 833-454-0148.

• To report a concern about the stay at home order call 651-793-3746.

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