Deputies nab 50 grams of heroin

Pine County deputies confiscated more than 55 grams of heroin after a tip led to a traffic stop on Interstate 35.

According to the charging document, on Aug. 27, the East Central Drug and Violent Offender Task Force contacted the Pine County Sheriff’s Office with the information that Alexander Johnson, 24, of Sturgeon Lake and an accomplice were believed to have purchased 50 grams of heroin in the Twin Cities area and were headed to Pine County on Interstate 35 in a red Chrysler.

A Pine County deputy confirmed Johnson owned the car and located it on I-35. The deputy noted the window tint appeared to be illegally dark and activated lights to stop the Chrysler. Approximately a mile further, the car did stop, and the deputy questioned the two occupants.

Deputies report that the occupants showed visible signs of being impaired, so they asked the occupants to step out of the vehicle and requested permission to search it. The request was granted, and the deputy found no contraband.

Another officer arrived and asked the accomplice if she had concealed controlled substances on her person. The accomplice removed a plastic bag containing a “rock white/gray substance” that the officers recognized as heroin, of approximately 55 grams. During questioning she also handed over a tin of marijuana, small baggies with a substance that appeared to be heroin, prescription pills, a marijuana pipe and purple straws that contained a white residue.

According to the charging document, both Johnson and his accomplice stated they had purchased 50 grams of heroin that day.

Johnson was charged with felony first degree drug possession. The maximum penalty for first degree drug possession of 25 grams or more of heroin is 30 years in prison, a $1,000,000 fine or both.

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