A Pine City man is facing multiple charges stemming from an incident on Oct. 7 in which someone was reported to have been asking for Narcan, a drug that can treat an opioid overdose.

According to the charging documents, Christopher Roger Larson, 30, was stopped by a Pine County deputy when his vehicle and appearance fit that of the description and location reported. Another deputy knew Larson’s license was revoked and he was on probation.

The complaint stated the officers believed Larson’s behavior was strange, and he appeared to be under the influence of a controlled substance. The deputies searched Larson and found a pipe with what appeared to be methamphetamine residue.

Larson was banging his head on the squad car, and subsequently he was taken to Pine County Detention Center, a safer location for a sobriety test. Because he had difficulty performing the tests, Larson was transported to the hospital where he refused testing for controlled substances.

Larson has been charged with fifth degree possession of a controlled substance; DWI-refusal to submit to a chemical test, blood or urine; DWI-operating a motor vehicle under the influence of a controlled substance; and driving after revocation of license.

The charging documents state Larson has prior convictions from 2015 for a fifth degree controlled substance crime, and twice has lost his license due to impairment, in November 2011 and May 2019.

Larson has also been charged with fifth degree possession of a controlled substance for an incident on June 29 in which he was stopped when walking with a juvenile female after curfew; and first and second degree burglary, fraudulent use of a financial transaction card, fifth degree possession of a controlled substance, theft, and identity theft for a May 2019 incident in which Larson allegedly stole the purse of his friend’s grandmother and attempted to use her cards.

Drug possession charged

A Sandstone woman was jailed on a fifth degree drug possession charge stemming from a traffic stop on October 3 conducted by a Mille Lacs Tribal Police Officer.

According to charging documents, Sirena Rae Rydel-Hall, age 19, was the driver of the vehicle pulled over. While the vehicle took a quarter mile to slow down and pull over, the officer noticed an object was thrown out of the window. Later the retrieved object was identified as a baggie with .54 grams of methamphetamine. A vehicle search also located torch lighters and extra butane. More baggies were found on a passenger in the vehicle.

Later, on Oct. 6, Rydel-Hall was found to be in possession of additional drugs and a pipe while in jail. Apparently, she had hidden the paraphernalia in a body cavity. She was charged with another fifth degree possession of drugs and introducing contraband into jail.

Rydel-Hall has a pending drug possession charge in the first degree for an August 27 incident in which she concealed 55 grams of heroin and a tin of marijuana in her bra, according to the complaint, as well as pending charges of aggravated controlled substance crime first degree and firearm, first degree drug possession of 25 grams or more of heroin, first degree sale of drugs for 10 grams or more of heroin, and possessing a short barrel shot gun, when a July 29 search warrant was executed.

According to the charging document, during the search, 20 grams of heroin and marijuana were found in her bra, she was found to possess a metal plate, digital scale, and small piece of tin foil with what appeared to be heroin. On the property, authorities located drug paraphernalia, a sawed off shotgun, 107 grams of heroin, and 5.8 ounces of marijuana.

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