126 grams of meth found in Hinckley vehicle

Jesse John Jacobson

Felony drug charges have been filed against a North Branch man after he was found slumped down in his vehicle in a Hinckley business parking lot.

According to the criminal complaint filed in Pine County Court, on Sept. 30 at approximately 11:10 a.m., the Pine County Sheriff’s Office received a report of an impaired male in a vehicle parked in a Hinckley business’ parking lot. When the deputy arrived he discovered the vehicle was running, and 33-year-old Jesse John Jacobson was slumped down. He observed two plastic baggies on Jacobson’s lap. The deputy noted that one of the baggies appeared to contain methamphetamine, and the other contained numerous pills that were not immediately identifiable.

The deputy knocked on the window several times, waking Jacobson up. The defendant was directed to roll down his window but instead reached for the car’s gear shift. The deputy directed him to stop and step out of the car. Jacobson then rolled down a rear window still not opening the door. He again reached for the gear shift and was stopped by the deputy. He eventually exited the vehicle and the deputy recovered a .40 caliber Star brand, loaded handgun under his shirt.

The baggie containing the white crystalline substance was NIK tested and was positive for methamphetamine with an uncertified weight of 8.53 grams. The deputy located four more baggies in a sunglasses case in the vehicle which contained an additional 117.41 grams (uncertified weight) of methamphetamine.

A record check showed that Jacobson has been previously convicted on several drug charges dating back to 2004.

Jacobson is facing 40 years in prison and/or a $1,000,000 fine for the charge of first degree aggravated controlled substance crime while in possession of a firearm, 40 years and/or $1,000,000 fine for the second first degree drug charge and 15 years and/or $30,000 fine for the charge of possessing ammo/firearm as a felon.

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