Houtsma steps into new county role

Lorri Houtsma began in Pine County in 2012 as an appraiser.

Pine County is seeing a new, but familiar, face in the role of Pine County assessor/recorder. Lorri Houtsma, who began in Pine County in 2012 as a residential property appraiser, took on the position of county assessor/recorder this January as former county assessor/recorder, Kelly Schroeder, was promoted to county treasurer/auditor.

Houtsma comes with a strong background in real estate and assessment/recording. Also during her time with Pine County, Houtsma served as senior appraiser before taking on the new position. Prior to working at the county, Houtsma worked in the Isanti County Assessor’s office from January of 2009 through October of 2012. Prior to that, she worked with the late real estate attorney, Jim Lindberg, for over 24 years.  

When asked why she wanted to take on the new role, Houtsma responded, “I wanted to challenge myself. I have always been a person who likes to work with people, and I like being busy. Taking on both the role of Recorder and Assessor is definitely fulfilling those needs.”

Houtsma’s goals for the office are to continue working with the public’s concerns and issues as they relate to value and classification. “I want to make sure the public feels they are being listened to and that we take their concerns seriously,” she said. “We may not always be able to give the answer they want to hear, but at least we can give them an informed response so they walk away understanding how we arrived at that particular value or classification. My goal in the Recorder’s office is to learn all aspects of this office and continue providing a valued resource to the public.”  

When asked about how the transition has been so far, she replied, “It has been great. I am learning something new each day, and I realize it is never too late to learn something new. I am excited for what lies before me.”

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