Barbara Mattison

Exuberance for life and helping others shines from the face of Barbara (Osborn) Mattison who was born and grew up in St. Paul. She worked as civil lead for the State Judicial Information System for about eight years. She became a transplant to Pine City when she married her husband David. They raised two boys and two girls, all Pine City High School graduates.

Barbara is employed by Essentia Health and has been an Advanced EMT (Emergency Medical Technician) for 13 years. She is a volunteer with Stop the Bleed and Pine EMS, which is a First Responder group. This includes training and refresher courses on CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation), how to use AED’s (Automated External Defibrillators), how to apply tourniquets and much more. This instruction is given at church groups, at Pine Technical and Community College, to high schools students, campers, boaters, and others. They also have a booth at the Pine County Fair each year.

“One of our goals is to go clear across Pine County teaching people how to stop a bleed, place a tourniquet, etc., until the first responders can get to them,” Mattison said.  

At Our Redeemer Lutheran Church, she conducts CPR and First Aid classes and helps out where needed.

When asked her motivation, Barbara said, “I can’t see myself doing anything else. It is an amazing feeling to know that you have helped someone. When you can get someone who is lonely and depressed to smile again, when you can be instrumental in saving someone’s life until medical help arrives, when you can teach others how to respond in emergency situations, the effort is so worth it.”

Her advice to others: “If you have a passion for something, whether it be working for good water quality, helping out at Ruby’s Pantry, a local thrift store, or any other type of volunteer work that speaks to you, go for it.”

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