Highway 61 Film Festival

The Highway 61 Film Festival is seeking a few good judges to pick the festival winners in 2020.

With scores of films submitted to the festival  this year from filmmakers around the world, organizers are looking to send the very best ones to their judges.

Volunteer judges for the Highway 61 Film Festival can pick one or more categories of films: Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Action/Horror, Animation, Minnesota Made and finally Student Short.

Judges will be asked to watch up to 10 films, though for almost all the categories most of those films will be under 40 minutes.

Films have come in from local filmmakers, Minnesota, across the the United States and from dozens of other countries around the world.

Watch online

Anyone interested in being a judge for the festival will need a computer and a good internet connection, since access to the films is only available online. Judges will receive access to the films on Feb. 15, and then have until Feb. 25 to watch them and rank them.

In the past, some people watch the films by themselves, but some make it a party and invite friends. The only real rule is the judge need to watch all the selections submitted to them, rank them as best as you possibly can – and send in those rankings by Feb. 25.”

Judges  – any family and friends they wish to bring along – will be put on the list for free admission to the festival in Pine City on April 3-5.

Those interested in helping judge films for the Highway 61 Film Festival – or who want more information – are asked to email highway61filmfestival@gmail.com saying why they are interested, any qualifications they might have,  and naming a few of their favorite films.

The Highway 61 Film Festival is sponsored by Pine Center for the Arts, Three Twenty Brewing Co. and the Pine City Pioneer.

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