On Sept. 3, at approximately 7:51 a.m.,  a deputy of the Pine County Sheriff’s Office was dispatched to the Peacock Cafe in Sandstone (formerly Jan and Gary’s Restaurant) based on a report that the glass side door had been shattered overnight.

Upon arrival at the cafe the deputy observed the south French-door glass was shattered on one side.  A Labatt Blue beer can just below the door was dented and ripped open. The can appeared to have exploded on impact with the door. The deputy determined that the damage to the door was over $1,000.

Inside the restaurant the deputy saw one empty and several partially empty candy bar boxes. There was also a chair next to these emptied boxes.

An employee reported to the deputy that as of 8 p.m. on Sept. 2 there was no damage to the door.

Approximately 20 minutes before responding to the broken door, the deputy was dispatched to a call of suspicious activity at a residence in Sandstone on Highway 23. The homeowner reported an unknown male sleeping under the bushes near their garage. The homeowner wanted the male to leave. The deputy identified the male as Steven Young, 46, currently  homeless.

Young had a fresh cut on his left leg above his ankle. He was also observed with Labatt Blue beer, a black bag and a bicycle. When questioned, Young stated that he was homeless and got caught in the rain the night before.

The deputy left the Peacock Cafe to try and locate Young because of the cut on his leg, Labatt Blue beer and close proximity of the two locations. When returning to the bushes the deputy did not find Young, but did find an empty Labatt Blue beer can. Young was later located by the deputy under a shelter in Train Park, drinking Labatt Blue beer.

Young said that he tripped over some brush, causing his cut. He denied knowing about the burglary at the Peacock Cafe.

The deputy arrested Young. His black bag was searched per intake policy that requires that all items brought to the jail be searched for contraband or weapons. Inside the bag, deputies located a total of 67 candy bars.

Deputies report that Young spontaneously said, “I did it, I was stupid.”

A Miranda warning was issued. Young told the deputies that on Sept. 2, he went to the restaurant. He believed the restaurant was not in operation and he was cold, wet and drunk. To break the door, Young said he threw a glass ashtray at the door twice; the door did not break. Then he threw a full beer can; still the door did not break. He then  broke the glass door with a chair he found.

Bringing the chair inside, Young heated up two hamburger patties in the microwave, put the patties between two pieces of bread, made a hamburger sandwich and ate it. Seeing the boxes of candy bars, Young filled a bag with them and left through the same broken glass door; cutting his right leg and scratching his left leg.

Young is currently in custody at Pine County Jail. Charged with Burglary 3rd Degree and Damage to Property 1st Degree Value reduced over $1,000; he faces a maximum sentence of five years and a $10,000 fine for both charges.

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