Pine Center for the Arts welcomes returning artists Kristin Webster and Shawnda Schelinder to the gallery this October, where nature will take center stage.

Webster is excited to introduce her Yellow Hat series. With more than 25 years of experience as an artist and teacher, she draws her inspiration from observing nature.

“With my personal work I have continuously found myself drawn back to nature. From the time I was young, I followed my mom around the yard looking at and watering the plants and flowers. I love digging in the soil, observing nature; from the tiny seed that is planted to the first sprouts and the ripening of the fully developed vegetable, fruit or flower. When I think of this I am drawn to the simplicity and routine in life. I feel peaceful, content, and as if I am a part of something bigger,” Webster said. “I paint flowers, plants, produce and garden scenes because they help me feel renewed, refreshed and restored.  They offer healing, stress-relief and a sense of belonging. They invigorate my mind and body.”

Schelinder has been working with fused glass for about 10 years, which prompted a discovery of an artistic side she didn’t know she had. In addition to creating art, Schelinder shares her love of working with glass by teaching classes at Pine Center for the Arts.

“Sometimes I take a different path to creating art than other artists,” Schelinder said. “While some artists start with a subject matter or muse and then determine how to express that, I sometimes find inspiration in the materials themselves. This collection reflects the simplicity and beauty in nature.”

Webster’s and Schelinder’s work will be on display Oct. 11-Nov. 1, with an opening reception 4-6 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 11 at Pine Center for the Arts. Light appetizers, wine and beer will be served. The reception is free and open to the public.

Pine Center for the Arts is located at 265 5th Street SE in Pine City For more information visit

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