Pine City native featured in festival

The Duluth/Superior Film Festival (Wednesday, May 29 through Sunday, June 2 will present the new documentary feature “Singin’ in the Grain,” directed by Pine City native Al Milgrom. The film is based in part on the New Prague area Eddie Shimota village polka band. Set for a 1 p.m., June 2 screening at Duluth’s Zinema Theater, the film, 47 years in the making and dealing with the Minnesota “Czech heritage,” includes scenes from the 2017 and earlier Bohemian picnics at its Cross Lake locale.

The film, playing to sell-out audiences, will also screen in Minneapolis 4:15 and 7 p.m. Monday and Tuesday, June 10-11, at St. Anthony Main Theatres.

Review dock regulations

As summer approaches, the Department of Natural Resources encourages property owners and lake service provider businesses to review the regulations, to ensure the equipment they own, sell or install is in compliance.

Extensive dock systems may shade out important aquatic plants and eliminate critical habitat where fish spawn, feed, grow and find shelter from predators. They can also obstruct navigation or even create a safety hazard if they are too large or improperly placed.

“The current regulations have been in existence for many years, but not everyone is familiar with them,” said Jack Gleason, DNR public waters hydrologist. “The DNR worked with property owners, public water users, and business and industry representatives to develop these regulations. They’re designed to balance the need for reasonable access to public waters with habitat protection and safety.”

To ensure this balance, a dock may not be more than 8 feet wide and may not be combined with other similar structures to create a wider dock.

A modest platform at the water end of a dock is allowed under certain conditions. A single, temporary platform up to 120 square feet measured separately from the access dock, or 170 square feet including the area of the adjacent access dock, is allowed if the following conditions exist:

The access dock must be 5 feet wide or less, and

The dock must be on a lake with a shoreland classification of General Development or Recreational Development.

Docks must not be a hazard to navigation, health or safety and must allow the free flow of water. A dock should not close off part of the lake or river to other users. Docks must also comply with any local ordinances.

A document about state dock requirements is available at

Emma, Liam repeat as top names in 2018

Liam and Emma are once again America’s most popular baby names in 2018.  This is the second time Liam is atop the boys list and the fifth year in a row for Emma.  Two long timers on the list, Jacob and Abigail, toppled out of the top 10 for the first time since 1992 and 2000.  There are two new names in this year’s top 10—Lucas for the first time ever, and Harper makes her way back on the list.

Here are the top 10 boys and girls names for 2018:

Boys:   1) Liam,  2) Noah, 3) William 4) James, 5) Oliver, 6) Benjamin, 7) Elijah, 8) Lucas, 9) Mason, 10) Logan

Girls:   1) Emma, 2) Olivia, 3) Ava,  4) Isabella, 5) Sophia, 6) Charlotte, 7) Mia, 8) Amelia, 9) Harper,   10) Evelyn


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