It was  a sunny summer morning in Pine City, and law enforcement, school officials and emergency responders were gathered to imagine a nightmare.

Pine City High School held its first Active Shooter Training Exercise, putting all parties involved through a scenario depicting a shooting event and its aftermath.

“It’s always a good time to get everybody together to see how well we can function together when it comes time for a disaster,” Denise Baran of the Pine County Sheriff’s Office told the group. “Some of you have never seen each other before, others of you work every day together

“We have a scenario, a timeline to get through,” she said. “We have our expectations of what we want to see. But this is why we exercise: so we can find gaps.”

“We really don’t know how exactly it’s going to unfold,” Pine County Sergeant Patrick Ellstrom explained. “There’s going to be some simulated gunfire. There will be loud noises. There will be guys coming into rooms fully kitted up in armor.”

Roles were assigned to each of the participants in the exercise. Then Baran told them what would happen next.

“The scenario is... Today, at 9:02 a.m. a student’s parent enters Pine City High School west wing. The person is looking for a subject and begins yelling, causing a disturbance. When confronted, he pulls out a firearm and begins shooting. The first 911 call comes in at 9:04 a.m.

“That’s all the information you’re going to get.”

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