Years Ago

10 Years Ago, 2010

Cindy Hedtke drives a bus for the Pine City school district. Keeping students from getting into trouble was her motivation for starting her”Ride ‘n Read” program. Students on her bus are kindergarten through junior high age. The reward for a completed book and book report is a bucket containing a large pop, a packet of microwave popcorn and a certificate for a movie rental from Nelson’s Market.

When the rankings came out last week, it was apparent that the Dragons have had a very tough schedule. Five of the Dragons’ six losses this season have come at the hands of teams ranked in either Class A or AA. Additionally, Pine City has seen two other ranked teams in a tournament and the Art Nelson Tournament had four teams participate that were ranked in the top-10 (Rochester Lourdes, No. 2; Thief River Falls, No. 5; St. Peter, No. 9; and Waseca, No. 10). “I knew we had a tough schedule,” said Coach Engelstad, “but this really shows how tough.” Senior Derek Lutz was in the honorable mention for singles.  

25 Years Ago, 1995

When pioneers traversed the Oregon Trail back in the 1800s, they faced life-and-death decisions and devastating hardships that kids of the ‘90s can’t even imagine. No roads, no cars, no airplanes, no restaurants, no radios, no microwaves, no packaged foods. For students who live in a world of full color visual imagery and high tech conveniences, life on a wagon train seems awfully dull. Reading about it from a textbook is even duller. Enter the magic of computers with CD Rom hard drives and interactive programs that let kids become pioneers, and the rigors of the Oregon Trail and the details of U.S. Geography become indelibly imprinted in their brains. Such sophisticated software exists for every subject imaginable and with material appropriate for every grade level.

The new owners of Coast to Coast in Pine City held their grand opening the week of April 15 with a ceremony on Wednesday, April 19. John M. Heino, senior vice president of retail operations for Coast to Coast, presented a plaque to owners Roger and Elaine Larson and Debi Larson, and several other company officials were on hand. Mayor Jane Robbins cut a board, instead of a ribbon, with assistance from the Larsons and city council member Scott Cummings.

50 Years Ago, 1970

About 40 students participated in the clean-up project throughout Pine City last Thursday. The students expressed their feeling that now is the time to take preliminary steps in stopping pollution and are urging everyone to “Give Earth a Chance.”

In an effort which originated with the Wednesday Study club and was later subscribed to by the Chamber of Commerce and other community organizations, efforts were made on Arbor Day last Friday, to help Pine City deserve its name. At that time there were some 2,000 Norway pine seedlings planted in the village.

The Pine City Volunteer Fire department was kept on the run this past week answering no less than eight fire calls. Luckily none of the fires were very serious.

75 Years Ago, 1945

Following is a list of local registrants who left here May 2, for a preinduction physical examination at Fort Snelling: Myrl Carpenter, George Nelson, Donald Athey, Edward DeRocker, Jerry Wanous, Henry Branzovsky, Clarence Schwartzwald, Lewis Rumpel, Wesley Jones, Lloyd Clyne, Reynold Holmberg, Victor LaTourelle, John Sexton.

Religious book week will be observed May 6 through May 12, and many books that are owned by the Pine City Public Library will be on display, and have been chosen by the National Council Committee of Christians and Jews.

Raymond Pangerl, son of Mrs. Mike R. Pangerl, who has been a German prisoner of war at Luckenwalde, Germany, near Berlin since December 12, has been freed.

100 Years Ago, 1920

Considerable excitement was caused throughout the County, last Monday and Tuesday, and especially in Pine City, by an automobile tearing across country at about 60 miles an hour, more or less. The first couple of times the car went through Pine City, it was “here it comes and there it goes” so Tuesday afternoon Marshal Biedermann made up his mind to arrest them for speeding when they came through again. Half of the village was out in force to see the “pinch” made but were disappointed as the speeders were delayed by trouble with their car, and had evidently been warned, as they came through town, about five o’clock at a snail’s pace.

125 Years Ago, 1895

Grass is beginning to look green, gardening is the order of the day just now.

Bert Cummings had quite a lively encounter with a bear, a few days ago, in which Bert got his clothing torn and received a few scratches. He finally got a chance to use his gun and killed the bruin, bearing him home in triumph.

A Corn Doctor would make a good living in this burg.

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