A Sandstone man has been arrested twice in the past two months and been charged for three different offenses.

Corduroy Lee Wayne Lyman, 29, was charged with two felonies for an incident in early June. The charges are fifth degree possession of a controlled substance and receiving stolen property.

According to the charging complaint, on June 4, an officer observed a car driving and ran its plates. The check indicated that the car was reported stolen.

The car was then found parked on Wiigob Bend in Pine County. Seven people came out of the house at the address, including Lyman and another man who had an active warrant for his arrest. Multiple deputies arrived to assist. Three of the parties present reported that Lyman was driving the car. The car was reported stolen the day before and had been missing a total of three days.

Lyman was searched and the car key was found on him, along with a green leafy substance, a crystal-like substance a deputy recognized as methamphetamine, several hypodermic needles and a glass smoking pipe. The complaint said that Lyman admitted taking the vehicle. He planned on bringing it back the same day, but was afraid of how angry the car owner would be.

On July 13, Lyman was arrested on another matter, in which he was charged with terroristic threats. Danna Rae Odegard, 23, of Pine City, was also charged with the same crime in the incident. The two were reported to be trying to break in the door of a home. They had given one occupant $20 to leave the home to go to the casino, where they won $100. Lyman and Odegard thought they were entitled to part of the winnings, the complaint said.

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