Theft report leads to high-speed chase

Three defendants are facing charges stemming from an alleged shoplifting incident that progressed to a high-speed chase by law enforcement on August 12.

According to the charging documents, around 12:49 p.m. Pine County dispatched a deputy to Walmart in Pine City for a reported shoplifting incident. It was reported a female ran out of the store and got into a black Audi A4 with no front license plate and a dealer plate in the rear. The deputy pulled over a vehicle of that description and after exiting the squad car and approaching the Audi, the Audi sped off.

The deputy activated his lights and siren and pursued the vehicle going northbound on Main Street North. At one point in the chase, the deputy reported driving over 100 mph and observed the Audi passing vehicles in no passing zones. The Audi eventually entered a gravel pit, and the deputy followed when backup arrived.

At that time, the complaints state that a nearby resident called in to report three people showed up at his home. When deputies arrived, they observed one of the defendants in the driveway, Darion Michael Scanlon, 26, of Pine City, who said he was there asking a friend for a ride.

The homeowner stated he saw two others outside his home as well and had to repeatedly ask the defendants to leave. Those two ran to the woods when the deputies arrived and were located in the weeds near the driveway. They were identified as Alexa Rae Davies, 27, of Pine City and David Michael Bigham II, 25, of White Bear Lake.

The charging documents state Davies was identified by Walmart Asset Protection as the female caught shoplifting. Scanlon was searched and in his pockets were found a baggie with 1 gram of a white powder suspected to be heroin, the key to the Audi and $1,760.

The Audi was located in the gravel pit and searched, where identification was found of all three defendants.

The Audi was reported to be stolen from St. Paul. Investigators also found two booklets of 21-day temporary tags and 47 vehicle keys with temporary tags on them in the trunk. Those items were confirmed to be stolen from Maplewood Auto Mall.

Scanlon is charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, receiving stolen property and controlled substance possession in the fifth degree; Davies is charged with receiving stolen property and theft; and Bigham is charged with receiving stolen property.

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