New plans for river front in 1994

River Front Marina, the latest business to occupy a Pine City riverfront building from the 1930s, is no longer the focal point for drivers crossing the Snake River Bridge into town. Roger Cummings bought the building in April and had Bob Jones Construction demolish it. In its younger days, the place was called Brownies, and part of it was a train coach that was used as a cafe. Cummings also bought the motel that sits on the property and plans to sell it and have it moved in 1994.

10 Years Ago, 2009

Austin Cavallin and James Pixley, sixth graders from Pine City Elementary, started a petition at the school to prevent the closure of the fur post. They received a house resolution that states that they took an active part in their community by circulating this petition. They got 250 signatures for the petition which they hope will keep the fur post open so others can learn about history. The letter ends with the committee members thanking the boys for their efforts.

Pine City resident Donald Cummings received his 40-year Appreciation Award as a Volunteer Firearms Safety Instructor with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. Over his 40 years as an instructor, Donald has helped area youth learn the important aspects of hunter education and firearms safety.

25 Years Ago, 1994

Pine City gardener, Aggie Mansavage’s handiwork is featured on the cover of the June/July issue of Minnesota Horticulturist magazine. This is the second consecutive year that the magazine has chosen to feature some aspect of Mansavage’s garden. Editor Lynn M. Steiner visited Aggie two years ago and wrote to her recently, “I still consider it (her garden) to be one of the most beautiful gardens I have seen.” The cover photo shows Mansavage’s bright orange Oriental poppies.

Scholarship awards were presented to the 1994 graduates on Tuesday following the senior breakfast. Receiving scholarships from local businesses and organizations were Steph Weichman, John Spanovich, Julie Long, Heidi Swenson, Krista Orn, Carrie White, Tricia Willert, Dariel Clark, Erik Carlson, Kris Zemek, BJ Patzoldt, Michelle Karas, Michelle Martfeld, Susan Hamman, Arlyce Kangas, Shannon Bombard, Tami Struss, Jeni Miller, Terri Hieneman and Kelli Johnson.

50 Years Ago, 1969

Pine City’s Centennial is now shaping up in a way which promises a memorable event. If newly proposed plans are carried out, it will coincide with and supplement the county fair days of August.

Work on a large scale boat harbor and picnic area project, being conducted by the Pine City Lions Club, is now underway on the north side of the Snake River just west of the Highway 61 bridge in the village. The area, now useless because of its marshy condition, will be transformed by the Lions into an attractive new water recreation spot for Pine City.

75 Years Ago, 1944

Seventy-two members of the Pine City High School class of 1944 will step forth to receive their diplomas, and embark upon their separate ways of life. Blaine W. Olson, class president, received the honor of being valedictorian. Joan Huber is the salutatorian.

Following is a list of Pine City registrants who will report for induction into the armed forces on June 5th: Roy Ward, Paul Horns and Leonard Karas, Army.

100 Years Ago, 1919

The spring term of the district court will begin in the courthouse at Pine City on Monday next, June 2, when the grand jury meets. At present there is only one case on the criminal calendar and it is generally understood that there are not many cases for consideration of the grand jury.

Mrs. E.Z. Mark is putting up several tents 16x16, to accommodate auto parties. These tents will be provided with clean beds and other suitable furniture. One will be used for a kitchen where travelers will have the privilege of making a cup of coffee and light lunches.

Veterans of the Civil War and their wives and widows will be entertained at dinner at the Hotel Agnes and soldiers of all wars will join, in uniform, in the exercises of the day, in observance of Decoration Day tomorrow.

125 Years Ago, 1894

Citizens of Pine City and vicinity! Don’t forget that the old soldiers will hold a campfire, on the Fairgrounds just north of the village, commencing July 3, and that they will treat you to a celebration that will breathe independence in every breath.

Dr. A.J. Stowe, of Rush City, was in this village on Monday afternoon assisting in the amputation of Willie O’Brien’s arm.


Mrs. Riley Yates gave birth to her twenty-fifth child at Springfield, Ohio. She is 46 and her husband 61.

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