Tickled princess, delighted dad

The new Little Miss Pine City beamed at the audience Friday night just after receiving her crown from Miss Pine City Chelsey Koppen in 1994. Ashley Greig, 5, is the daughter of Bob and Michele Greig. Her dad, who escorted her in the pageant at Pine Technical College auditorium, is shown smiling broadly behind Ashley on the right.

By Kim David, News@pinecitymn.com

10 Years Ago, 2009

Pine County Deputy Scott Grice was able to save the life of a Sandstone man with the use of the new automated external defibrillator (AED) recently purchased by the sheriff’s office. On July 2 at 8 a.m. the sheriff’s office received the call of a man down at Jan & Gary’s Restaurant in Sandstone. Deputy Grice was three blocks away and was able to respond and deploy the AED to bring the man back to life.

The Little Miss Pine City candidates are prepared for the pageant on July 20. This year’s candidates are Megan Olson, Lydia Adams, Christina Joyner, Gracie Huff, Adeline Crawford, Holly Haug, Paige Gerhardson, Molly Stransky, Brianna Lindahl, Ellee Foster, Julie Magel and Cara Kuhn.

Artists from around the region will now have a place to call home. Last Thursday, Pine Center for the Arts Board of Directors voted to establish the former Corner Photo building, downtown Pine City, as their new headquarters. Pine Center for the Arts is a non-profit organization that believes “the arts are for everyone.” The all-volunteer, grass roots group has been in operation for just over a year. The Corner Photo location will house a small art gallery, featuring artists from around the region. Pine Center for the Arts had tremendous success bringing in the special event Ball in the House last November, and a permanent location will now allow them opportunity to offer daily programming.

25 Years Ago, 1994

Minnesota will be represented at the FITA World Field Archery Championships for the first time. Cathy Korby, Willow River, has earned the women’s bare-bow position for this biannual event in August at Epernay, France. The team was chosen from the winners of the National Archery Association’s Field Archery Championships which were held in May in Mesa, Arizona. FITA field archery combines the challenges of known and unknown distances in rounds of 24 targets. The tournament begins with qualifying rounds, followed by the elimination rounds. According to Korby, “Shooting is the easy part. I’ve been told the Europeans like very rugged terrain compared to popular field archery in the United States.” Korby has won numerous titles in the compound style of bare-bow. This is the most prestigious event for recurve bow archers.

Michael Dufresne, Jared Hawkinson and Zac O’Donnell, all of Pine City, attended a tennis camp at the College of St. Benedict June 19-23. The co-ed camp was directed by Jerry Sales, who has more than 30 years of tennis experience as both a player and coach. Dufresne is the son of Warren and Mary Dufresne, Hawkinson the son of Gary and Janet Hawkinson and O’Donnell the son of Mike and Linda O’Donnell.

50 Years Ago, 1969

The school board of Independent School District 578 met last Tuesday evening, at which time they hired Norman Maki as elementary school principal. He will replace James Lamont who resigned to accept the superintendency at Braham.

Sheriff Adam Martinco reported Tuesday that just one deputy position now remains to be filled since his three regular deputies resigned June 30. Deputies quitting their jobs at that time complained, among other things, of working too many hours and of receiving inadequate salary.

Surviving members of the Third Division (Pine City Branch) of the Minnesota Naval Militia met in reunion in Pine City where a stone monument was unveiled and dedicated to Wiseman Park.

75 Years Ago, 1944

This week brought saddening news to the community when Mrs. Stanley R. Jacobson was notified of the death of her husband, Sgt. Jacobson, June 24th in North Burma. Death came as a result of wounds received during combat.

The J. Craig Co. of Minneapolis was the successful bidder when bids were opened at the council meeting last Wednesday, for the improvement of the village streets. The work to be done is a bituminous sealing coat of oil and crushed rock, with the bid price $5,312.00.

100 Years Ago, 1919

The homecoming celebration in honor of Pine County’s returned soldiers, sailors and marines, at Pine City was the biggest, most successful and best arranged and carried out celebration of any kind ever held in this part of the state. It is safe to say that, in mid-afternoon, there were upward of 9,000 people present. At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, a partial count and estimate placed the number of automobiles in town at about 1,500, which might be estimated to have brought in an average of four to the car, to say nothing of the many hundreds who came by train.

The little daughter of Eric Colin of Sandstone, about five years of age, was run into by an auto and knocked down but not seriously injured.

Notice the exhibit in the east window of Pine City Hardware Co. The display shows how you can preserve eggs from now until April and the quality will not be changed in the least. The cost is about three cents for a dozen; last year the savings was at least 25 cents. Get a free bulletin at the store showing exactly how water glass is used.

125 Years Ago, 1894

A train of gypsies of about forty in number tarried near the village for a few days. The women begging, and the men gathering in what loose change they could by making their bears dance, of which they had five, three black and two grizzly. We have not heard of their stealing anything.

Grasshoppers have put in their appearance in large numbers around this part of the county, and trouble is feared if they continue to come.

F.A. Norton is here with 16 head of horses, for sale cheap. For particulars, call at the tent at south end of wagon bridge. They are all good young horses and no trading stock, they must be seen to know what they are.

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