Years Ago: Local man killed Nov. 14, 1969 in Vietnam

The hunt is on!

The Outdoorsman has always been a family operation for the Fosters. Today, in 1994, it is owned and operated by Tom and Angie Foster, who get plenty of help from their sons, Timmy, 15, Joey, 9, and Jamie, 6, who isn’t pictured.

10 Years Ago, 2009

At the Nov. 3 Independent School District 578 elections, Pine City area residents cast their votes for continuity, returning the three sitting school board members to their seats by a significant margin. Dan Peterson, Steven W. Odegard and Robert W. Shuey were re-elected to the three seats on the board, while Dennis J. Gerold Sr. - the only candidate not currently on the board – failed to receive enough votes to be elected. Voter turnout was just over half of the 450 election judges were expecting. A total of 263 voters of the Pine City School District voted in the Nov. 5 election.

Around 50 well-wishers gathered together for a Sunday evening vigil in Robinson Park to mark the 100th day of captivity for the three American hikers being held in Iran. Cindy Hickey, the mother of Shane Bauer and a Pine City resident, spoke to the group about her concerns for her son and the other hikers and her hopes for their speedy return home. Participants lit candles in a show of support for the hikers, wrote letters to the hikers and signed a petition. Musicians played the Bob Dylan song, “I Shall Be Released.” The following statement was read in unison by the group: “Shane, Sarah and Josh, we gather together to send a message of concern over your prolonged detention and support for your immediate release. We send you hope, strength, peace, prayers and love – today and always until the day you are freed.”

25 Years Ago, 1994

The deer hunting story Adam Davis tells his classmates contains enough heart-stopping excitement to captivate the most experienced hunter. Yet, the tale has nothing to do with a deer. Twelve-year-old Adam, son of John and Linda Davis, Pine City, was attacked by a coyote on Sunday, Nov. 6 while hunting on his uncle’s property between Beroun and Brook Park. According to Adam, he was sitting in a field, waiting for his dad to flush out a deer, when the animal came out of nowhere and latched onto his boot. “I thought it was like a wolf or something,” he said. “I heard it coming through the grass, but I didn’t see it until it grabbed my boot.” When he couldn’t shake the coyote off, Adam aimed his 303 British rifle and “shot it in the gut.” Adam thinks the coyote was attracted to his boot because there was blood on it from a deer he had watched his dad gut shortly before the attack. He escaped the incident without so much as a scratch.

The three students who collected the most pledges in St. Mary’s annual school marathon were Brandon Schumann, third place, with $343.42, Krista Hill, second place with $527, and Emily Mach, first place with $760. The marathon was held Sunday, Oct. 2 at St. Croix State Park. Despite clouds and sprinkles, the students had fun on the 15-mile bike hike. They received $6,500 in pledges to help the school budget for this year. Businesses which contributed prizes for the students were Hardee’s, McDonald’s, Dairy Queen, Sauser’s Hardware, Coast to Coast, Subway, Jubilee, Game Plan, Schumann’s Bakery, Pam’s Variety Video, Muffie’s, Cambridge Cinema, Pizza Hut and also Knights of Columbus.

50 Years Ago, 1969

A great deal of interest is seen in the dedication and formal opening of Interstate Highway 35 to take place at Pine City on Nov. 25. The first caravan carrying passengers on Interstate 35 on the dedication day will be composed of a large array of celebrities and dignitaries. Heading the list will be Governor Harold LeVander.

Spec/4 David Teich, age 20, of Pine City was killed in action in Vietnam last Friday, Nov. 14, while on reconnaissance near Saigon. The son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Teich, he had been on duty in Vietnam since April of this year.

75 Years Ago, 1944

Uncle Sam issues call to the following local men: Clifford Schlo, Sandstone; Berl J. House, Rush City; Frank Branzovsky, Pine City; Reinhold West, Hinckley; Jack Tunell, Pine City; Arthur Mans, Brook Park; James D’Aoust, Pine City; Elmer Gaddes, Brook Park; Harold Hejny, Pine City; Donald Chaffee, Hinckley; John Beneke, Hinckley; Donald Gross, Pine City; Benjamin Ausmus, Hinckley; Herbert Holmberg, Pine City.

Waste Fats – Each pound of waste kitchen fat is worth four cents and two red ration points. Bring your salvaged fat to your grocer or meat dealer.

Shoes – Airplane stamps No. 1, 2 and 3, good for one pair, indefinitely.

On sale at the Pine City Mercantile Co.: Cannon towels, 49¢; Girls blouses, $1.49; Purrey blankets, $5.95; Hood & Muff sets, $2.98.  


100 Years Ago, 1919

Grant Norlander, the keeper of the hotel at Henriette, was arrested on a warrant sworn out by the state hotel inspector charging noncompliance with the law and that he had failed to comply with orders from the department to remedy matters.

A bull moose paid Pine County a visit, last Thursday. He chased through Hank Hooker’s backyard at Brook Park, early in the morning and trotted down to Mel Trotter’s and Mr. Kargas’ east of town, in which region he just naturally disappeared. Several people saw the animal in that region.

Marion Lones returned today from the woods about 47 miles north of Cloquet, bringing back a fine buck. He reports a Chicago man stepped off the train there in his presence, stood on the track in front of the engine for a few minutes and shot a bull moose that came up to greet him. Marion also says the train he came in on picked up 74 deer within a 36 mile stretch above Cloquet.

Madden’s button shop is figuring on commencing operations some time in December providing they will be able to get the necessary labor. The company has over 10,000 lbs. of shells on hand at the present time and figure this will be enough to keep a small force going all winter.

125 Years Ago, 1894

Hunters are coming in daily with loads of deer, they being quite plentiful in this part of the county.

J.E. Netser, our Village Marshall, received a telegram on Monday from the Deputy Sheriff of Ramsey County telling him to arrest a man on the Limited for embezzlement. When the train arrived, he stepped on and took his man.

A visit to our magnificent new school house reveals a peculiar state of affairs as regards the “modern improved heating system” in vogue in that piece of architectural grandeur. One would think himself in a boiler testing establishment from the noise made by escaping steam. This defect should be remedied at once as it not only is a hindrance to the progress of the work but is also not what the contract called for.

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