Years Ago: Kim David

10 Years Ago, 2009

Members of the Thunderin’ Toms, a local chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation (NWTF) and the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources are working together to improve habitat in Pine County. On a clear Saturday morning, June 13, volunteers from all over Pine County gathered together for donuts and instructions on how to cage in about 5,000 bur and red oak trees that were planted in 2004 and had seen several years of deer wear and tear. “Oak trees are so important to wildlife in this area. If these trees can get a chance to grow before the deer and other wildlife eat the tops off them, they will provide food and shelter for many species, including turkeys,” said Dave Johnson, a wildlife conservation officer with the DNR. “It’s fun to get out here and see different country and meet people who love the outdoors and wildlife,” said Tom Kloeckl, a Pine City resident. “And the donuts weren’t bad either.”

Visitors of the North West Company Fur Post this weekend got to try their hand at making spear points and arrowheads. “They not only demonstrate, but people who are interested in this art are encouraged to attempt it,” said Patrick Schifferdecker, the site’s manager. “There are some really fabulous artists out there.” This annual event attracts knappers from the midwest who will demonstrate their skills – the same as those used thousands of years ago to hunt wild game.

25 Years Ago, 1994

Paul Horns, commander of Pine City VFW Post 4258, was one of 34 commanders selected as an All State Commander at the 75th annual state VFW Convention in Rochester June 15-18. There are 332 VFW commanders in Minnesota. It was the third time Horns has received the All State honor, for which he was given a diamond studded lapel pin, a white cap and $25. The local post also received a plaque for being No. 1 in the blood donor program, thanks to Burton Ellig, Bob Foster and many volunteers who work that program.

50 Years Ago, 1969

Forty-two members of the Minnesota Archaeological Society met in Pine City where they toured the Stumne Indian burial mounds and the Connor Fur Trading Post.

Expanded courthouse facilities, a different village hall location, and a modern new bank building for the First National of Pine City may become a reality here if present vision and plans materialize. Initial planning along these lines got underway at the village council’s July meeting.

Pine City journeyed to Cambridge last week and beat the Red Birds behind the 7th pitching of Jeff Henrikson.

75 Years Ago, 1944

Notice: Punishment will be imposed on anyone found destroying birds’ nests or killing birds with sling shots, bee bee guns or any other device, or performing any cruelty to the birds. It is against the law to kill any insect-devouring birds or to destroy their nests. By order of the village council.

The labor shortage will be the biggest problem facing farmers in this busy season of getting hay up. Businessmen in many of the towns have volunteered their services to farmers for the haying and harvest season. Lists of men available and the days and hours when these men may be called can be had at the volunteer labor office.

Mr. G. Sower stopped at the depot last Thursday afternoon to visit with John Gray, while enroute to Rochester. Old timers will remember Mr. Sower as he lived here about 30 years ago and at one time was co-editor of the Pine Poker with “Spider” Yost.

100 Years Ago, 1919

John Jelinek’s clothing store was robbed last Saturday night, forty-four suits of clothing and $500 worth of liberty bonds being taken. Mr. Jelinek estimates the value of the clothing at about $1,100 but all of the bonds except one $50 bond were registered and will be of no value to anyone but Mr. Jelinek. Footsteps were heard by J.F. Petschel in the locality at about 12:30 o’clock and very possibly this was the time at which the deed was committed.

Richard Cockenham, of Kingsdale was arrested at Cloverton last Saturday evening, charged with bringing liquor into dry territory with intent to sell and was brought to Pine City the following day by Constable Allen of Cloverton.

The case of John F. Egan of St. Paul against Andrew Anderson of Hinckley for trespass in the removal of wood from plaintiff’s land east of that town, resulted in a verdict of $1 and costs against the defendant. Inasmuch as triple damages are collectible in trespass cases, the plaintiff will collect $3.

125 Years Ago, 1894

On Friday night Earnest Ahlberg lost his life while bathing in Cross Lake near the Pine City Lumber Company’s mill where he has been at work. A party of about five were with Earnest swimming, and when it was discovered that he was drowning, he was beyond the reach of those who were with him.

Domestic News: A case of black smallpox was discovered in the Milwaukee House of Correction, where 247 convicts were confined.

An Indiana miner has begun suit which will test the power of mining companies to compel their employees to trade at the company store.

Mrs. Betsey Smith, of Des Moines, Iowa, was found guilty of poisoning her blind husband and punishment fixed at life imprisonment.

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