Years Ago: A Fair to remember

Maddie Delozier, Katelyn Booth and Audrianna McKeller share a seat and some laughs on the Scrambler at the 117th Pine County Fair in 2009.

10 Years Ago, 2009

Rita Bible and Dave Griffith don’t know each other, but these two Pine City residents share the qualities which caused them to be named 2009 Outstanding Senior Volunteers for Pine County. Regarding the long hours she spends volunteering, Rita said, “When you volunteer, you get self-satisfaction. Volunteers get more out of it than the people they help. It’s the satisfaction that you are giving.” Griffith said he was “surprised and humbled” by his award. But the variety and number of hours he has volunteered in his 85 years have more than earned him this recognition. “I consider it a privilege to have had all the years that I’ve done this. I mean that. It’s been more benefit to me than the people I was serving. I serve warm meals and walk out with a warm heart,” said Griffith.

Concluding its ninth annual Bridging the Dream scholarship campaign, the Pine Technical College Foundation awarded a total of $26,400 to 32 deserving students. Thanks to the donation of more than 60 individual and business donations, 24 full-time students received $1,000 and eight part-time students were awarded $300 scholarships.

25 Years Ago, 1994

The newly crowned Miss Pine City, Joell Werner, spent time waving to the grandstand crowd following her coronation Thursday night at the Pine County Fair. Joell is the daughter of Jerry and Julie Werner. Chosen to accompany her as princesses during her reign were Jolana Berchin, daughter of Nick and Sherrie Berchin, and Heather Cummings, daughter of Pam Cummings and Gary Cummings.

It was just a little path through the woods, but this summer it connected several young lives with their school and their community. Ten Pine City teenagers created what they call the Environmental Fitness Trail. It begins in the woods, east of the city’s new softball fields and north of the high school. Working 12 hours, three days a week for six weeks, they ended up with a trail 10 to 12 feet wide and about one mile long. They also put in four Gamefield exercise pods, donated to the school district by the National Fitness Campaign, giving users the space and equipment to do warm up exercises, strengthening exercises and a cool down routine. The trail project was a cooperative effort of the Private Industry Council 5, which provided a grant to pay the workers $4.25 per hour, the City of Pine City and Pine City School District. Students who participated were Kyle Hanson, Jeremy Wiberg, Shawn Bachmeier, Jason Koffler, Dustin Bodell, Brian Gray, Danielle Odegard, Mari Oare, Mark Olds and Erik Krine. Teachers Pam Jambeck and Terry Mikulich supervised the crew, and Tom Kloeckl served as overall coordinator of the project.

50 Years Ago, 1969

Throngs of people are expected in this community during the next four days when a double-barreled event is being staged for Pine Citians, Pine County and area residents. Pine City, 100 years old this year, will note its centennial in conjunction with the 77th annual Pine County Fair which promises to be a most outstanding celebration.

The Village Council held its monthly session at which time Mayor Wm. Challeen reported to councilmen on a meeting he had with the Pine County Commissioners in which the county had proposed to take over the Pine City airport and make it a county airport.

75 Years Ago, 1944

The Village Council is asking the people who frequent Pine City to please drive slow and careful on the newly finished parts of the street improvement for the next few weeks. Careful use now will assure a long lasting, smooth surface for future driving pleasure.

100 Years Ago, 1919

Geo Schlensky shocked his grain one evening last week til eleven o’clock by the electric light on the top of the water tower, which is a 300 watt Mazda lamp erected by the Eastern Minnesota Power Company. George says the light is some accommodation in the busy season.

Henry Cherrer, last Friday while getting prepared to take a swim at Bede’s Point on Cross Lake, saw a small clam, picked it up and found a fine 11-grain pearl in it.

125 Years Ago, 1894

The forest fires in this section of the country are still raging, but we have not heard of anyone being burned out as yet, although quite a number have had close calls.

The crew at the Pine City lumber companies mill quit work on Tuesday evening of this week, and they refuse to work until some kind of a settlement is made.

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