The Pine City crown goes to...

On Monday night, July 20, 2009, LeTeshia Hedtke (middle) was crowned Miss Pine City, Kerrie Hughes was awarded second princess (left) and Kayla Defenbaugh (right) was given first princess honors. Graci Huff (front left) took the Little Miss Pine City crown with princess Lydia Adams by her side.

10 Years Ago, 2009

A Special Olympics softball tournament in Pine City brought over 150 participants to Pine City last Saturday for a day of competition. Participants competed in team and individual softball events for the first year in Pine City.

The Pine City High School Marching Band has been busy this summer entertaining parade goers throughout the east central area including Corn and Clover in Hinckley and the Chisago County Fair in Rush City last Saturday. The band, under the direction of Bradley Mariska and Kevin Cahill, has brought western-themed music to life this summer, including the famous TV theme song from “Bonanza.” The band concludes their marching season for the summer at the Pine County Parade.

25 Years Ago, 1994

Lara Greden, Pine City, daughter of Pam and the late Jim Greden, has received the 1994 Richard G. Drew Creativity Award from 3M. The award honors high school juniors throughout Minnesota and western Wisconsin who have demonstrated creative flair and persistence in technical or scientific activities. Winners are selected by the science faculty of participating schools. Lara was nominated by Pine City High School science instructor Tania Eichhorst.

A bumper crop of raspberries, one of the largest in their 25 years of growing and harvesting, is keeping Don and Delores Glasow busy. The couple, who live just west of the freeway on County Road 7, can be found in their berry patch at 6 a.m. every morning. Often they’re still picking six hours later. They expect this season’s yield to compare with their record year, when they picked around 800 pints. They’ve been getting close to 50 pints every day this season.

Eighteen-year-old Bill Strusinski, Pine City, captured first place in the Champion Auto Show and Go at Brainerd International Raceway. Strusinski drove the quarter-mile at 148 mph to take first in his class.

50 Years Ago, 1969

Pine City’s canoe team of Chuck Kessler, Boyd Carlson, Tom Ellig, Jim Hawley, Doug Berglund, Dell Gross, Steve Lauer and Jerry Schumacher won the Minnesota VFW canoe derby by finishing on the St. Croix at Stillwater some 20 minutes and 14 seconds ahead of the second place LaBelle team of Minneapolis.

Approximately 75 milk producers in the Northern Pine and Kanabec county areas, who are shippers to the Land O’Lakes plants in Sandstone and Pine City, have formed a voting unit to be known as the North Pine Milk Producers.

75 Years Ago, 1944

The Sokol Camp was the scene of a very successful picnic Sunday, when a large crowd of people from all over Pine County arrived at the camp to enjoy the social times, good eats and old time music. 635 bowls of “Booya” were served.

Several hundred folks from Pine City and the surrounding communities viewed the pieces of army ordnance and captured war trophies on display here last Friday in Robinson Park. Shown in the captured trophies were German and Italian pistols, Jap 31 caliber rifle, cartridges, bayonet, gas mask, mortar shells, grenades and Nip rations.

100 Years Ago, 1919

The county board of commissioners met Monday as a board of equalization and in reviewing the assessed value of personal property for the different townships of the county found a great range of difference in values of articles listed.

According to the returns of the assessors, many of the towns have very little furniture, watches, jewelry and pianos while they are well represented in dogs, the values of the canine pets ranging from $1 in one town up to $7.33 in Chengwatana town. Pianos, while a great number are listed throughout the county, seem to be of little value, as the average values ranged from $6 in Ogema town, to $112 in Chengwatana town. Watches are also a scarce article, about half the towns being without any and those listed ranging from $1 up to $2.83.

Danforth township does not list any of the following: rugs, carpets, books and bric a brac, sewing machines, watches or jewelry while the assessor lists one piano to furnish music for the township.

Chengwatana heads the list in farm machinery listing an assessed value of $6,576.

Lots of gasoline is consumed in Pine County according to the listed values of automobiles, the total values ranging from $85 in one town to $10,445 worth of cars and trucks in Rock Creek.

The bulk of Pine County’s taxes will be paid on livestock and poultry, a large variety being listed all over the county.

125 Years Ago, 1894

It was a great surprise to our residents when they came downtown on Monday morning to learn that our beautiful little steamer, the Cumberland, had gone up in smoke.

The boat had run all day Sunday taking fishermen and excursionists up to the lake, and had been kept at a white heat all day. When she returned from her last trip at about 10 o’clock all precaution could be was taken to prevent fire. The deck and engine room were wet down, Captain Le Broke who slept in the pilot house got up about 12 o’clock and went down into the engine room and pumped the boiler full of water, and also wet down the engine room again and then went back to bed.

At the above named time J.W. Axtell was sitting on the porch in front of his house when he saw smoke issuing from the vicinity of the smoke stack and in less time than it takes to tell it the whole upper deck was on fire, and it was a close call for the captain as he slept in the pilot house.

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