1995 Beargrease triumph

Local musher J.R. Anderson tackled the grueling challenge of the John Beargrease race and claimed fourth place. Anderson entered the 105-mile, six dog division of the Beargrease, not the notorious 500 mile marathon. This was his second year to competition, and he completed the course in 19 hours, 12 of those running hours, the rest required layover time. The clock placed him one hour and 15 minutes behind the first and second place mushers and only 15 minutes out of third place. The Anderson family has been active in sled dog racing for about five years.

10 Years Ago, 2010

Pine County Deputies Scott Grice and Tom Meier were each recognized on Jan. 5 for saving a life in the past year. In two separate incidents, the two deputies made decisions that resulted in someone still being alive today. Pine County Sheriff Mark Mansavage reported that Grice saved the life of a man whose heart had stopped at Jan and Gary’s Restaurant in Sandstone in July. Using one of the defibrillators recently placed in Sheriff’s Department vehicles, Grice was able to revive the man. Meier received his award for preventing a suicide at the Highway 35 intersection with Highway 70, where a woman was declaring her intention to jump into traffic. Mansavage said that Meier was able to talk the woman into not jumping, thus saving her life. Mansavage congratulated the two men.

Curling and dogsleds were some of the highlights of the North West Company Fur Post Winter Frolic on Saturday, Jan. 16. Participants enjoyed the sunshine as they got a taste of truly old-fashioned winter fun. Children made friends with the New Moonshine Huskies of Pine City, who provided rides around camp. Others played snow snake, or snowshoed along the nature trails as they learned about winter travel during the fur trade.

25 Years Ago, 1995

Four young people from the Pine City Area Learning Center visited Washington, D.C., Nov. 13-20. Marti Hoiland, Mathea Bell Bruley, Kelly Reynolds and Larry Hayes participated in the Close Up Washington program. Through question and answer discussions, small seminars and workshops, students had an opportunity to experience, close up, how the government works. As a result, participants became not only more knowledgeable about the government but also more comfortable talking about current issues. Bonnie Sparling, the teacher accompanying the group, said the experience will have lasting and far-reaching effects on the people involved.

Sophomore Jessica Odegard is the Dragons’ top all-arounder with a high score of 29.6 and is this week’s Athlete of the Week. She set the school record on balance beam Jan. 5 at Chisago Lakes when she scored a 7.8. Jessica has been consistent with showing improvement. She is also a great team leader.

50 Years Ago, 1970

This week’s new teacher is John Oare, who teaches fourth grade. Oare is from Minnetonka. He served in the U.S. Navy, stationed aboard the aircraft carrier, USS Forrestal CVA 59. Then he attended Luther College in Decorah, Iowa and graduated in May 1968. Before coming to Pine City, Oare taught sixth grade in Ossian, Iowa for one semester.

About 150 adults attended the open discussion meeting concerning the school’s health curriculum dealing with family life and human sexuality held at the multi-purpose room Monday evening. There appeared to be very little opposition by the parents attending to the planned film showings.

The school auditorium was filled to capacity for the donkey basketball game held Saturday evening. The profit of $380 will be used by the Pine City AFS adult chapter to bring a foreign student to Pine City next fall.

75 Years Ago, 1945

The worst fire in Royalton’s history wiped out three business places with the loss of $34,000 worth of buildings, machinery, merchandise and equipment in 20 below zero weather. A theatre, a machine shop and a grocery store were razzed within an hour when fire, breaking out near the theatre heating plant a half hour before a wedding dance was to start, swept uncontrolled through the three adjacent brick and brick-veneer structures.

Use of steel spectacle frames thinly coated with nickel silver, in place of pre-war frames of other metals, have saved 9,000 pounds of nickel, 28,500 pounds of nickel silver and 16,000 pounds of copper.


100 Years Ago, 1920

The village council, through some effort, has procured, at a very nominal rate, several carloads of cinders for road building purposes. These cars must be unloaded immediately upon their arrival, and we call for volunteers to help with the unloading free of charge. Help is scarce and it is next to impossible to get a force sufficient to do this work in the time the cars are allowed to remain here.

The old Pine City Hotel building is being remodeled by changing the stairway and the main room straight through to the rear end of the building, making it about 75 ft. long, so as to serve in the new capacity as the village post office.

125 Years Ago, 1895

The work on the new road between Pine and Mission Creek towns connecting the Pine City and Hinckley Road with the old Government Road is about completed, thanks to the St. Paul and Duluth Railroad which caused the same to be opened.

On Friday of last week the cold became so intense in the upper rooms of the school building that Mr. Hay had to dismiss school.

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