As darkness invades  ever earlier. . .

. . .it is essential that we set our minds on uplifting thoughts and activities. And that is not easy to do when daylight is gone around 4:30 in the afternoon.

   In my younger years I didn’t give much thought to it, as I was busy raising a family and holding down a job. But in retirement, it’s a different story. So we have to find positive, uplifting things to think on and pursue when the daylight hours are so few.

Following are a few of my suggestions:

Read books—I read aloud to my husband during the winter months. We have a great library right here in Pine City. A few books that I recommend are as follows:

• The Secret Life of Cows, by Rosamund Young

• Memory of Rivers, by Shelley Odendahl (member of Pine Writers)

• Friending (Real Relationships in a Virtual World), by Lynne Baab

• God’s Outrageous Claims, by Lee Strobel

• Memory of Trees, by Gayla Marty (my daughter’s book)

• Living a Life That Counts, by Melvin Cheatham

• Calm My Anxious Heart, by Linda Dillow

Listen to music, whatever your style—country/western (800 on the AM dial), gospel, symphonic. If you have a piano, organ, guitar—sit down and play for awhile.

Search out positive shows on television that make you laugh, such as “Animals Unscripted” on Channel 23-4 (Antenna TV), “Lucky Dog” on Channel 4.

Do a kind deed for someone in need.

Spend time in prayer.

Take a nap.

Go outdoors after dark and gaze at the incredible work of our Creator in the night sky.

And finally, save that November 28 copy of the Pine City Pioneer and re-read “What are you THANKFUL for?” by our editor; also Dan Blake’s “A Thanksgiving Reflection,” and all the other great articles within that issue (and every issue)!

Margaret Marty is a writer and poet who is delighted to be living in retirement on the Rock Creek farm where she grew up.    

Editor’s Note: We invite faith leaders, community members and thoughtful readers to share uplifting writing and ideas in “Inspirations.” For more information email or call Mike at 320-629-6771.

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