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“Don’t worry about getting perfect, just keep getting better.” – Frank E. Peretti

I’m sure we’re not the only family this week who have been inspired by this June sunshine to get things done around the house and yard. In the past week we’ve been planting, painting, spreading mulch, mowing, weeding, battling critters and climbing around on the roof. Stuff gets old, things break down, come apart, and so you’re always in a cycle of replacing and updating. And that’s fine. Like the saying says, the goal isn’t to reach some impossible ideal of perfection – it’s just to get better.

That is kind of the way I feel about the news that our parent company is bringing in the four newspapers to our north formerly owned by Tim Franklin – the Hinckley News, Pine County Courier, Askov American and Moose Lake Star-Gazette. It’s a chance for all of us to improve ourselves.

Tim is a class act all the way, and has put his heart and soul and a ton of work into his newspapers over the years. The staff at these papers are a dedicated, talented bunch. Frankly, I’m excited that all of our Pine County newspapers will now be able to work together to give our readers enhanced news coverage.  We know that our Pine City readers pick up the paper to get their Pine City news, so the emphasis for the Pioneer will always be to keep the local news first. That said, we’re going to be able to share resources now in a new way that I know will take that local newsgathering to the next level.  

Getting better is also kind of the theme of the renewing the Beyond the Yellow Ribbon group. BYR is meant to help veterans and their families, particularly the families of those veterans who might have their servicemember deployed someplace far away from home. It can make things tough, and though there are resources available, a group like Beyond the Yellow Ribbon can form a great stopgap. Kudos to them for making this happen.

If you’d like get involved with this excellent cause, it’s easy. Just contact Jan Carl at pinecitybyr@gmail.com  or 320-629-7451 or come down to the next meeting of Beyond the Yellow Ribbon at the Pine City Armory (1305 Main Street) on Monday, June 17 at 5:30 p.m.

Another thing I’m very excited about – Cindy Rolain, who set the gold standard for editorial excellence during her long career at the Pioneer – has retired from her position with East Central Energy and has offered to write the occasional feature story for the Pioneer. Her first feature ran just a couple of weeks ago – a story about Chris Aadland – and you can find it here (http://www.pinecitymn.com/news/pine-city-grad-makes-mark-through-journalism/article_6752d716-8227-11e9-a5be-b73cd7248750.html).

It’s hard to express how much I admire Cindy.  When I started this job nearly 10 years ago, I’d go back through the old issues and study the way she approached the news, both writing stories and on the opinion page. We’ve had a lot of good conversations over the years, and I’m thrilled that her byline is back in the pages of our Pine City newspaper once again.

Mike Gainor is the editor of the Pine City Pioneer. Contact him at editor@pinecitymn.com or 320-322-5241.

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