Meandering with Margaret

Margaret Marty

I sometimes feel that I’m in conflict with my brain or on a different wave length. Webster’s definition of Wave Length: “a particular course or line of thought especially as related to mutual understanding (two people on different wave lengths).”

There are times when I’m really in awe of my brain. Sometimes as I close my eyes, a beautiful moving pattern appears, usually lavender in color, then disappears, reappears, disappears. It is indescribable! I can only assume it is my brain that I’m seeing.

But I become angry at my brain when I walk from my kitchen to the bedroom and then can’t recall why I went there. And when I meet someone at church or in the store who calls me by name, though the person looks familiar to me, my brain won’t come up with his or her name. Having been a secretary for most of my working career, I can only assume my brain’s file cabinets are crammed too full by now, and perhaps many things have been mis-filed over the years.

Another issue I have with my brain are the dreams that are so vivid while asleep, but then disappear into thin air upon awakening. Dreams that I do remember leave me in the lurch, because they stop short of an ending. This prompted me to write the following (published in 2019 in The Talking Stick, Volume 28):


Why can’t I remember    

the whole dream

upon awakening?

Why only bits and pieces?

Like the abandoned kitten

who wouldn’t stay,

though I petted and fed him.

Why not? Where did he go?

The school bus waiting

at the end of the driveway,

and I wasn’t dressed yet.

Did I miss the bus?    

My purse that was stolen,

or lost, in the restroom

after that wedding—

did I ever find it?

The walk hand-in-hand with my departed husband

into the room full of light—

Why couldn’t I go with him?

Obviously my brain and I are on different wave lengths these days.  

MARGARET MARTY is a writer and poet who is delighted to be living in retirement on the Rock Creek farm where she grew up.

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