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Oh boy, oh boy, do we have a lot to celebrate this week.

It was a dark and chilly morning a few days back, the latest in a long line of dark and chilly mornings. It was tough to get out of bed, much less head off for work with a smile on your face.

But then I discovered that it was a holiday. It was, in fact, National Cake Decorating Day.

You see,  I get a lot of emails with random information sent to me. I’m sure every editor of every newspaper in the good old USA gets the same stuff. I get told about album releases by bands I’ve never heard of, political messages from candidates in West Virginia and businesses very excited to announce that they have developed a new type of boot. On that morning I found out it was National Cake Decorating Day.

Well, if we needed a random reason to celebrate – and we did – this was it.

Then it occurred to me that there are usually a few things assigned to be a particular “National Blankityblank Day.” And guess what? It was also National Angel Food Cake Day.

This was too good an opportunity to miss.

Ignoring the howling wind and bitter precipitation (exaggerating, though not by much) I made my way to our local grocery store and asked that they bring me their finest decorated angel food cake.

Well, the staff politely let me know they usually don’t decorate angel food cake, on account that it tends to crumple when you do. But I tried not to get crushed by disappointment and made the next best choice, and proudly arrived in the office a few short minutes later bearing a box of decorated cupcakes.

They were pretty good cupcakes, too.

And that brings us to this week, which is chock full of odd and interesting celebratory possibilities.

Among other things, Thursday, March 28 is “Something on a Stick Day;” March 29 gets magical with “Smoke and Mirrors Day;” March 30 is “Take a Walk in the Park Day” and “Turkey Neck Soup Day” and March 31 is “Bunsen Burner Day” and “National Tater Day.” Rounding out your week, April 1 is not only April Fool’s Day, it’s “Fun at Work Day;” April 2 is “National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day” and “National Ferret Day.” And finally, Wednesday, April 3 is “National Find a Rainbow Day,” “National Tweed Day” and “World Party Day.”

As a person who doesn’t own a Bunsen burner or a ferret, there are some of these holidays which I won’t be observing this year. But that doesn’t matter. What does matter is that, as a friend of mine says, waking up on this side of the grass is worth celebrating. A holiday – any holiday – is just an excuse to do it.

Mike Gainor is the editor of the Pine City Pioneer. Contact him at editor@pinecitymn.com or 320-322-5241.

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