Is it that time already?

We were at a wedding this past Saturday for a wonderful young local couple, the kind who – despite their age – just seem to have it all figured out and know how they want to spend the rest of their lives and who they want to spend it with.

The wedding was down off St. Croix Road, past Shuey Farm and down that hill carved by water and ice eons ago leading to the flats and the river.

It’s always lucky to have rain on a wedding, and these guys were very lucky. After hearing thunder threaten in the distance for nearly an hour and feeling the wind pick up, the rain finally came in a drenching downpour. The worst of it passed us by, and the wedding tents held up just fine, but there were still a few shrieks when the wind shifted and a rivulet of water that had been pouring off the tent changed direction and started pouring down people’s backs.

However, they did then get a rainbow. Which made everything else more than worth it.

But what I really wanted to talk about was not the wedding, not the rain and not the rainbow. It was about what happened when those gusts of wind came on through and shook the trees.

You guessed it – leaves started to fall.

The first signs of autumn are always a rude shock, to me anyway. August is still summer, and the month just started. The first zucchini have started to show up, but we ought to be knee-deep in the suckers by now. It has been a good, busy summer for us, and I suppose I’m just not ready to accept that it’s going to end.

But here we are. The kids are ready to head back to school, including that couple who are going to spend the first year of their marriage as college students together (good luck, you two!), and pretty soon everything that’s vibrant and green today will be turning red, gold and brown. And soon after that we’re going to be wishing for a little bit of the heat and humidity that we’re complaining about right now.

It goes by fast. It still feels, some days, like I just started working here at the Pioneer, but as of this issue I’m seeing stories I wrote about Pine City in the 10 Years Ago section. Boy oh boy.

Well, I hope you and yours are enjoying these last days of summer. Even with the leaves falling, there’s still a lot left to take in, so let’s all make the most of it.

Mike Gainor is the editor of the Pine City Pioneer. Contact him at or 320-322-5241.

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