Taxes keep climbing

To the Editor:

In 1999 we moved a home onto our five acres on Highway 70. We bought the home from Eileen Anderson, a former county commissioner, now deceased. We paid $15,000 for the home, and Eileen Anderson paid for moving the house. She told us the house was moved onto her property in the 1950s and was moved from an area east of Pine City. She said the home was built in 1933. She wanted to build a new home. The home was too small for us, being only 798 square feet, and the house was under the code for the city of Rock Creek, as it was under 900 square feet. We added two bedrooms to make it legal.

We received a letter from Minnesota Energy a few months ago. They said we use too much gas compared to other homes. I am sure this house is not insulated because older homes before World War II were not well insulated. I showed the editor a copy of the letter from Minnesota Energy.

Our taxes due in 2018 went from $770 to $1,302 payable in 2019. I wrote a letter to all five of the Pine County commissioners. I got one answer back, from Matt Ludwig. He was sympathetic and offered me advice. I don’t know him, I have never met him, and I never voted for him. It seems he cares about people. Never let him go.

I am 85 years old, with a failing heart. My wife of 62 years is 82 and could not live out here alone. So soon we will not have to pay that tax very long, because she will have to get an apartment. A friend of mine told me not to challenge them or your taxes might go up in 2020. I have decided not to challenge them because of the fact we might not be living here much longer. We live on a pension and social security and are doing okay.

Pine City has just enacted a small sales tax. The state sales tax was enacted, I think, in the 1960s or 1970s. At that time, several of our politicians said the 3% sales tax was temporary. It is now over 7%. In five to 10 years after everyone has gotten used to the city sales tax, it will probably be up to 5%. Maybe some of you remember when the state was taxing our taxes. They quit a little while back, because they probably realized the stupidity of it. They used to tax our state tax by $10 so if your state taxes were $200 you would pay an extra $20 tax. They called it a surtax.

James and Eunice Kvam

Rock Creek

Township paying plenty to fix Island Resort Road

To the Editor:

In regards to the letter to the editor from Ms. Carolyn Kolar in the May 9 edition of the Pine City Pioneer, these are the actual facts:

1. The meeting where the public was present was actually in the fall of 2018.

2. The meeting was gaveled because of too many people speaking at the same time without having the facts

3. To my knowledge, in the 12 years I have been on the board, Mr. Woischke has never paid for repairs or maintenance of Island Resort Road. Pokegama Township has spent more monies on Island Resort Road than any other township road. That information is public information and is available at the Pokegama Town Hall office.

4. We received $57,000 for gas tax and have 61 miles of gravel road. That amounts to $934.34 per road mile. The average patching on Island Resort Road is $4,000 per year. The culverts etc. have been done by the township.

David Deutschlander

Pokegama Township

Stop ‘political correctness’

To the Editor:

The “Noor” shooting in Minneapolis is such a senseless tragedy. It ends one life and ruins many others.

I am not anti-police at all. I’m anti bad training and planning and I’m very against “political correctness” as it is destroying our 1st Amendment rights of “free speech” – because, God forbid – we hurt someone’s feelings. More than the victim’s feelings were hurt.

Don Osgood

Pine City

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