To the Editor:

WINDOW Victim Services closed as of Sept. 27, 2019. It has been an honor and a privilege to serve the communities of Pine, Kanabec, and Carlton Counties for so many years.

Like many non-profit programs, WINDOW received a substantial portion of its funding from the State of Minnesota. Changes in the way that funding was distributed made it impossible to continue offering the services we had been providing. We are incredibly grateful to all the community members who rallied around WINDOW to try to change this outcome. Your passionate support meant more to us than we could possibly say. We are especially grateful to Sen. Rarick, who was a staunch friend and advocate for WINDOW throughout this process.

WINDOW has always been fortunate to be part of such a supportive community. Our deepest thanks to all the individuals and organizations that have donated resources, time, and moral support over the years. Your kindnesses, great and small, were always appreciated. Thanks, too, to our wonderful staff, past and present. You were all heroes, often unsung and in the shadows, making the world a better place each day. And most of all, thanks to our clients, for putting your trust in WINDOW during some of your darkest moments. Your courage and resilience were always an inspiration.

While WINDOW’s journey has come to an end, the work in the community will continue. Family Pathways will be providing crime victim services and visitation supervision, just as WINDOW did. They can be reached at 800-338-7233.

There are few honors as great as the privilege of being allowed to stand with our neighbors in times of need and striving together to bend the arc of history toward justice. Thank you for allowing WINDOW to be part of that great calling for so many years.

Board of Directors

WINDOW Victim Services

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