To the Editor:

Now that the new sanitary sewer pump system on the Snake River was completed in early August and the Pine City Community garden is growing leaps and weeds, and the Cross Lake fishing pier is... is... Where is the fishing pier? It’s dry docked down the river! If it wasn’t for a concerned citizen the whole thing would have been over the dam last spring.

So who’s responsible for its annual installation/removal, maintenance and care? The projects sign (broken and lying on the ground waiting for some vandals to throw it in the river) states the following: a joint project with the City of Pine City, Snake River Conservation Club and the Dept. of Natural Resources. So the last entity named should tell you that the whole thing will fail.

So what are the excuses for its demise? ‘Oh, we can’t get to it because of the sewer construction.’ Then, ‘Oh, it’s too late in the season to reinstall the pier at its new location.’ So there it sits, dry docked in disrepair, not one hour of repair or maintenance.

You would think one of the three entities would take the initiative and move forward with the repairs, reinstalling it, etc. But no, one waits for the others to move forward. Wouldn’t you think the smart thing to do is get it repaired now, launch it and have it ready for next spring?

The new fishing pier was installed two years ago. The old one was moved downriver to a new location. Wow, a city with two fishing piers. “Pine City, North, nice and close” has a leased dock for public use for docking watercrafts, DNR has a public boat ramp for everyone to use. What about the people who don’t have a boat to dock or to land? Oh, they can stand on shore and fish from there. Lots of luck.

If I was a betting man, I would give odds it won’t be launched by fishing opener 2020.

Robert Salonek

Pine City

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