To the Editor:

Patricia is right on. The vast majority of the electorate doesn’t have a clue how laws or regulations are made as a result of those laws. To do so requires that you pay attention for a few minutes and everyone is just to busy for that.

Even in Minnesota not all of those eligible to vote do, just look at the last election numbers, everyone is responsible for what we get from government. If you’re not voting you have nothing to complain about.

Most people do not understand that “We The People” are the real power, not the government, be it local, state or federal. Power flows from “We The People” down to the government, it doesn’t flow from the government to the people.

Where I diverge from Patricia is in her Islamophobic comment, and her thought that it is the only religion with a political agenda, and that Islam’s only purpose is political. One only need look at the “Christian Right” to see that they have a political agenda. So do most all religions around the world. When you get a group of people who agree on something a political agenda is born. The problem is this fear people have been given that Islam is a threat to the United States or Minnesota. They are far less of a threat than White Nationalists, racists, and others are, and it’s fear like this that lead to hatred, and war.

People need to be reminded that our greatest threat is from within. Our fears of others who are different, be it their religion, sexuality, race, creed, where they came from, or whatever are as founded as the fear of the Japanese Americans in WWII. The fear of: Irish Americans, German Americans in WWI, Polish Americans, Russian Americans, Native Americans, Black Americans, Communist Americans, Islamic Americans, Liberal Americans, Christian Americans, Jewish Americans, Conservative Americans... do I need to go on?  There was and is a time when all of us were feared for our heritage, religion or ideology. I think it’s time “...we all just get along” - Rodney King.

People need to be taught that the threat is from within, the threat is your own fear of someone who is different and thinks differently. The United States was founded on people with different ideas, that were not liked in their own countries, persecuted for their beliefs, who moved here for freedom to have their thoughts, have their religious beliefs safe guarded. It’s clear to me that those with these unfounded fear of people who are different should probably just sit in their house with the doors locked, maybe with a gun in their lap to make themselves feel really safe.

John Birrenbach

Pine City

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