Hire the best qualified candidate

To the Editor:

On Feb. 5, we have an opportunity to vote in the Senate special election.

Governor Tim Walz hired Senator Tony Lourey to be his Commissioner of Human Services, presumably because he thought he was the best qualified to fill the position of Senator. It is now our responsibility to hire Lourey’s replacement.

When hiring, managers review and interview job applicants. They have the responsibility to select the best possible candidate for the job. Factors that influence hiring decisions include experience, qualifications, and whether they are prepared to fill the position on the first day, saving the employer time and money training a new hire.

Jason Rarick is by far the most qualified candidate who has applied for the job. He has already worked for us for four years in a similar capacity. He knows the system and the people. He has worked among us as a union laborer, a business owner, and a volunteer in the community. He has done the work that has merited two “contract” extensions, by earning the support of nearly 60 percent of the hiring managers (voters). The other applicants for the job pale in comparison when it comes to experience, qualifications and preparedness.

You and I and thousands of other hiring managers will have a decision to make on Feb. 5. Vote to hire the best qualified candidate for the job. Vote to hire Jason Rarick to be our next State Senator.

Doris Mork

Brook Park

Rarick listens, works with others

To the Editor:

In today’s hyper-partisan political climate, it’s refreshing to come across an elected official who still listens to and works with people who don’t often share his political views.

Representative Jason Rarick is that type of person. He takes a collaborative approach to his job as a legislator. More often than not he seeks out support from the other party for the bills he authors. He is not afraid to support a good idea if it came from someone from the opposite party, even if he risks blowback from members of his own party. He has the courage to do the right thing.

Constituents who have communicated with Rep. Rarick know that he is collaborative and will listen. People will walk away from a conversation with Rep. Rarick knowing they were heard, even if they couldn’t convince him of their ideas. To know Jason Rarick is to like him. Indeed, by judging from his past election returns, his highest percentage vote totals come from the area in our district where he grew up, went to school, lives, works and volunteers.

You know what you get with Jason Rarick. Please vote for him in the Senate special election on Feb. 5. Don’t miss out. There will be a whole lot of people voting the same way.

Seth Wellnitz


A representative of the people

To the Editor:

On Feb. 5, there is an important election for residents of Kanabec, Pine and Carlton counties that reside in Minnesota Senate District 11. Our former Senator resigned and an election must be held to fill this seat.

I urge the election of Jason Rarick to this position. Jason is a person who not only hears you but actually listens to what you are saying. Because he is a good listener, he works well with members of both parties. People who may disagree with Jason about an issue know he is listening to their concerns and will consider them when voting. Often times this means he will need to vote against his own party in St. Paul. Because he has been willing to do this, Jason has attracted the support of business and labor and a number of private unions such as the electricians, operating engineers (49ers) and carpenters.

Jason has been elected three times in his 11B District by comfortable margins. Among the many issues he has worked on include helping  pass tax relief, increased road and bridge funding without a gas tax hike, authoring legislation to help make a new hospital in Sandstone possible, insurance premium reductions, and helping citizens when the state put liens on their property due to state health insurance rules.

Jason Rarick has proven he is truly a representative of the people and is deserving of your support for the Senate District 11 seat. I urge you to vote for Jason Feb. 5. Thank you.

Roger Crawford


Walls work

To the Editor:

Last week U.S. Senator Tina Smith had a news conference flanked by several Bureau of Prison employees to discuss the plight of federal workers during the government shutdown.

Senator Smith has recently stated that a wall on the southern border is expensive and ineffective. Ineffective, really?

The Bureau of Prisons main mission is to protect the public by keeping inmates confined in the controlled environment of prisons. We accomplish this mission with fences, walls and dedicated staff constantly monitoring these barriers. Because of this there are very few escapes from prisons in the facilities with no barriers. Having a physical barrier with electronic sensors to detect breaches, along with patrols, has proven to indeed be effective.

Immigration is a big issue (definitely above my pay grade) that I and probably most Americans wrestle with. Just don’t tell me that walls don’t work. Everyone in the communities surrounding prisons knows that they do.

Jay Shanahan

Sandstone Corrections Officer

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