Bird vigil

I thought I would get a lot done today,

but such was not to be—

you see, the birds have arrived

commanding my undivided attention.

Four male orioles hog the liquid feeder,

their females dart in now and then.

Two indigo buntings, gleaming in the sun,

peck around in the grass, showing off.

At least eight yellow finches

vie for space at their feeder,

scattering when the bluejay soars in,

give way to the rose-breasted grosbeak.

Ah, the cardinals arrive mid-day

And again as dusk comes down.

The mourning doves slowly meander

two by two, staying close to one another.

Gazing out my south windows, I see

the bluebirds have found their houses,

and there’s a robin, or two or three,

pulling worms out in the front yard.

I put the hummingbird feeder out

just in time—two of those arrived today.

I heard the glorious warble of Mama Wren,

but she’s too shy to show herself.

My other work can wait—today I’m busy welcoming the birds.

Margaret Marty

Rock Creek

Free entertainment

To the Editor:

Late spring and early summer provide an opportunity for enjoyment at no cost. The migration of birds through our area can be fun.

I have friends that are staunch bird watchers. They get excited when a rare variety is discovered.

A couple of years ago we joined that group. Just sitting in our living room and looking out a window we are amazed at the wide variety that pass through. Some are very plain, but many are so brilliant that identification is easy. Our bird book is always at hand for quick reference.

If you are looking for a free hobby, try birdwatching.

Dale Kuzel

Pine City

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