To the Editor:

Mr. Chairman: you gaveled the meeting May 11, 2017. You omitted the fact that you restarted that meeting 10 minutes later. With assistance from your propaganda minister, you misled us all about the preceding agenda request that did ask for discussion of Island Resort Road.

Woischke plows Island Resort Road in the winter, has put in the majority of culverts and maintains the ditches in the summer – all of which benefit the township. Name another individual who does more work on behalf of Pokegama Township on their own dime.

Those who use Island Resort Road to get to their homes generate in excess of $25,000 in township tax revenue per year. You divert those funds for other purposes, like expanding onto that castle we call town hall. Instead how about diverting those funds for the roads in our community – the arteries of commerce that we all depend on.

Your propaganda reports (minutes) are a legal document and therefore are to contain the truth. Your enemy isn’t those of us who depend on Island Resort Road for access to our residences.

Jim Woischke

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