To the Editor:

The recent election of Jason Rarick means that he will resign his seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. Shortly, another election will be held for the seat he is resigning.

I am supporting Joe Wolf for election to this seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. I’ve known Joe for a number of years. He is a life long resident of Pine City. Although fairly young, Joe has had many life experiences that have prepared him for this venture.

As far as involvement in politics, he worked for me in my re-election campaign in 2012 before I had to drop out due to some health issues. I was very impressed with his knowledge of our district, his hard work and his integrity. Thereafter he was a delegate to the Minnesota Republican Convention. Also, he worked on Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s re-election campaign and for Jason Rarick’s state senate campaign here in District 11. He currently is employed by the Minnesota Senate Republican Caucus where he has developed working relationships with current Senate and House members.

Outside of the political world, Joe lived and worked in Senegal, West Africa. Back home he was a director on the Pine City Chamber of Commerce and was also chairman of Students United, a Minnesota Non-Profit.

Joe is a graduate of Pine City High School and has a geography degree from Minnesota State University, Mankato. His family established roots farming east of Grasston over 100 years ago. Joe has an excellent understanding of the issues facing Minnesota and our district.

I am supporting Joe Wolf for District 11B state representative and I hope you will consider it also.

Roger Crawford


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