To the Editor:

What is the cost of mass shootings? I think it can be divided into two parts: the human cost and the financial cost. We certainly have the tools to figure this out and I believe it is our government’s responsibility to study this in the United States.  

The human cost can be determined by the number of: deaths by guns, injuries by gun, hospitalizations from gun injuries, length of hospitalizations of injuries by gun, length of disabilities caused by gun, children left without parents, parents left without children, survivors needing counseling and for how long, children having to go through “drills” because of fear that they might get caught in a mass shooting in school, teachers having to add to their duties on how they will try to save students in a mass shooting, and there are probably more.

The financial cost can be determined by cost of emergency response, cost of emergency care in ER and then cost of those needing hospitalization, cost of loved ones needing to come and help, cost of rehabilitation,  cost of funeral expenses and burial, cost of child care for those who lost parents, cost of counseling for those who are traumatized and for how long, cost of repair of shooting site, cost to medical site for overtime and extra staff, cost to schools in preparation for mass shooting (can you believe it?) and again there may be more financial costs.

I wonder why we don’t already know the answers? Surely voters have the right to know the costs when deciding how to vote.

Dorothy Jamison


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