To the Editor:

I am writing you because of the “new” DNR dam on the Snake River east of Cross Lake and its associated boulders. They are the cause of the water being on taxpayer land and damage to the beach and other areas.

The old dam had a channel cut into the top of the dam. This allowed tag along water to flow with opening water (water gets off property owner’s land sooner) thereby doing less damage. The hole below grade does not allow for tag along water so the water stays on the taxpayer’s property and raises all kinds of havoc with the soil (beach and other low areas).

Now as for those “free flowing rocks.” That is pure poppycock. Those rocks are like 400 extra overweight shoppers in a 4,000 square foot store and you have five items to get. You are praying that you don’t fall, real hard.

All facts in this letter have been verified by a master hydrologist, and he told me no dam is designed and built until the purpose has been determined. Those boulders should not be there because they slow the water down immensely.

What are us taxpayers being put through this for?

John Jansen

Pine City

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