To the Editor:

Does anyone who reads the Pine City Pioneer remember the article about Pine County Commissioners planning a solar energy project? Why are our tax dollars being spent for such a project? A county’s duties are governmental not industrial. A county has authority to govern but who gives it authority to create a business? I disagree with my taxes being used for a solar energy facility.

This type of project reflects wording by sustainable groups that have infiltrated our cities and counties coercing unwary commissioners, mayors along with city councils by tickling their ears. Now we have GreenStep Cities—the same lingo and indoctrination to allow outsiders to rule our cities as if we aren’t capable of doing a good enough job. Can you see the “takeover” of our rural areas by people who do not live here but have the audacity to tell us how to “govern” ourselves. I recommend that citizens rally and figure out what is being lobbied to our local government.  These lobbyist activists prey on not just our local officials but get traction across the nation because our officials are not educated in their propaganda efforts. It is any wonder our officials seem unable to realize they can be “played” and further unable to accomplish “due diligence” on our behalf.

Recently the citizens of Plymouth, Minnesota got wind of what their city council was doing and acted to stop the adoption of GreenStep City in their community. Then I drove to North Branch and saw a roadside sign indicating they drank the GreenStep City Kool-Aid. This link will explain what the GreenStep City program requires. It is a strategic plan formulated by others to require a city to follow outsiders plans.

But back to my original challenge…why is Pine County even thinking of a solar energy project? What due diligence have they done? Have they looked to the challenges of these systems years down the road where the panels get broken (i.e. hail) and not just replacement but disposal of the broken panels and the costs involved. Can we rely on solar energy contractors to give good information? How far down the sustainable road have our commissioners and administrators gone allowing outsiders to “rule” in our county? Let’s demand accountability from the county board before they waste more of our tax dollars that could be used more wisely—or lower taxes. It stung to read a commissioner quoted in the Pioneer say that the 0.5% sales tax was ringing up big revenue for our depressed area. Well it is just another robber and thief of our pocketbooks. We need fiscal responsibility not spending on projects recommended by outsiders.

We the people need to protect our local rights to govern ourselves. Without our local Pine City Pioneer we would not even have this information. It is up to us to protect our freedoms at the local level.

Patricia Moulton

Pine City

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