Margaret  Marty

I had just replenished the bird feeder with black sunflower seeds which the cardinals, blue jays, indigo buntings and yellow finches love. We were sitting on the deck watching the bird show, when suddenly a half-grown black bear, not noticing us, ambled across the yard and attacked the bird feeder, bending it askew. Just then my grandson’s dog, Rascal, came bounding toward the bear, who escaped by climbing the huge oak tree right behind the bird feeder. There he cowered at the junction of two large branches, while Rascal growled and barked at the foot of the tree. Meanwhile, our cat, C.W., was glued to the screen door watching all the action, his tail twice it’s normal size.

This show had entertained us for about 20 minutes, when suddenly a UPS delivery truck drove into the yard. Rascal ran to greet the UPS driver. The bear, realizing Rascal was distracted for the moment, hurriedly scrambled down the tree and disappeared into the woods. Needless to say, Rascal was beside himself after the UPS truck left, wondering what had happened to that black foe up in the tree.

We are in awe of the intelligence of animals. And in awe of their beauty, be it birds, black bears, or domesticated dogs and cats, all designed perfectly by the God of the Universe.

Margaret Marty is a writer and poet who is delighted to be living in retirement on the Rock Creek farm where she grew up.


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