To the Editor:

In response to last week’s letter about Pine City promoting liquor: They don’t.

First of all, so what if there were more customers in the store? They weren’t at the bars or driving on the road. This is their choice, not yours to make for them. This is not crazy, as you suggested.

Second of all, you stated that there were an estimated 1,745 alcohol-related deaths between 2013-17. What about 3,000 abortions a day, not to mention 149 suicides a day, numerous drug overdoses, murders and car accidents?  

The point is, who are you to judge the people here in Pine City? I like the Voyageur Bottle Shop and its employees. They are good people. Not everybody who has a drink is an alcoholic or has a problem.

By the way, I’m a Vietnam vet, 1968-69 and I’m writing this letter on Memorial Day. As I sit here and write this a thought came to mind. I was just wondering - what, if anything, have you done for our great country?

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robert hudlow

I'm guessing the bottle shop had a pretty good business 3yrs ago when you moved here. Ronald, thank you.

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