Boys basketball is back on the attack

Pine City Boys Varsity basketball is returning to the court with nine varsity players from last season and five players moving up from last season’s JV team. The Dragons return with three all-conference players in Seth Logan, Koleman Lind and Konnor Jusczak that are supported by a great senior group as well as underclassmen.

Pine City enters the season defending their undefeated conference record from last season. Having a “target” on their backs, the Dragons know they have to work hard to increase their level of play because their opponents will bring their “A-Game” every time they step on the court. With a basic goal of winning games, Pine City often talks about winning 20 plus regular season games, winning the conference, earning a home game in the first round of playoffs and making a run in sections.

“We are most excited for the opportunity to represent Pine City.  We hold ourselves to very high standards both on and off the court and we want to make our school, community, families and our program proud of what we are accomplishing on and off the court,” said coach Kyle Allen. “Our purpose is educational, to help create great young men and our goal is to win games. We are excited about the possibilities of success that we hope to have in both of those avenues.”

 The Pine City players are asked to put in a lot of time and dedication with the hope that they leave the program better as individuals and leave the program better than how they found it.  The Dragons don’t always do things the conventional way, but do feel they do things the correct way.

Head coach Allen and the players would like to put a huge shout-out to the coaching staff (Jason Rademacher, Wayne Hansmann, Monty Petersen, Ben Bloomquist) and all of Pine City youth hoops coaches and volunteers. The Dragons also enlist quite the group of student managers who are constantly working behind the scenes to help keep everything running smoothly.

Outside of conference and section games, Pine City played at the Target Center Nov. 30 and will play against Two Harbors and play several games against some larger schools including Chisago Lakes (Dec. 16), North Branch (Dec. 17), Cloquet (Dec. 28), and Zimmerman (Jan. 13).  The Dragons were also invited to play in a Breakdown Tournament against Greenway at Duluth East High School on Jan. 11.

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