This group of students (including seniors Jacob Merrick, Therese Welch, Emily Schueller, Daisy Koffler, and Katie Simon) auditioned at the end of February, and we were three weeks into our rehearsal schedule.  We had just come to the point where the show was fully blocked and the ‘fun’ part was about to begin - character development and memorized lines. In those first few weeks the cast continued working on their lines at home in hopes that we would be able to return and open this show.  Unfortunately, this was our “Neverland that Never Was.” 

Wendy Darling - Therese Welch

John Darling - Lukas Struss

Michael Darling - Greyson Johnson

Mrs. Darling - Emily Schueller

Nana (the dog) - Brecken Reiser

Liza - Martina Degiorgis

Peter Pan - Vivian Cavallin

Tootles - Shelby Klar

Nibs - Graci Huff

Pots - Chase Holmstrom

Pans - Lizzy Simon

Slightly - Ben Michels

Curly - Daisy Koffler

Lost Boy - Stella Helseth

Captain Hook - Jacob Merrick

Smee - Katie Simon

Starkey - Joshua Kunze

Cookie - Brooklyn Shellito

Noodles - Hayden McLain

Skylight - Kelsey Carlsen

Little Panther - Evelyn Ames 

Tiger Lily - Sydney Wilberg

Chattering Chipmunk - Hailey Wilberg

Two Moons - Kayla Loucks

Raging Waters - Clare Lancaster

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