The 2020 Track season was looking to be a good one. Better than normal weather was coming in and our team grew again to about 110 kids. We were returning many great veterans and gaining some fresh talent to help us continue our success from previous years. Our boys were ready to defend the GRC Championship for the 6th time, while the girls were going to fight for their 7th straight GRC Championship. The thing that I will miss most about not having the season is the athletes. Between their amazing work ethic and personalities, they always seemed to brighten my day. This group in particular seemed to be very positive during the one and only week we were able to practice. I will greatly miss this year’s senior class and wish them the best in their future. 

Seniors:  Megan Cunnien, Tucker Dalen, Trever DePoppe,  Grace Grubbs, Noah Miller, JJ Preston, Logan Schaaf, Alaina Steele, Aaleaha Thieman, Kenny Vo, Tryston West.

Juniors: Lydia Adams, George Ausmus, Jeffrey Carlbom, Jennifer Dupla, CharlieEmmons, Caleb Fromm, Michael Gerold, Dusty Gross, Steven Hart, Cara Kuhn, Hunter Peacock, Ainsley Vinaja.

Sophomores: Ian DuChene, Miriam Fromm, Maddy Graham, Willow-Rai Hart, Edwin Hiler, Meaghan Macho, Colin Miche’, Dorothy Miller, David Omae, Micah Overtoom, Elijah Root, Aussion Ruud, Connor Segarra, Jason Thieman, Greta Uhe,  Drake Willert.

Freshmen: Fredrick Ausmus, Madyson Bombard, Josh Brinker,  Ellie Clark, Quinn Collins, Caleb Cunnien, Claire Emmons, Anthony Hill, Maxwell Jackson, Emma Johnson, Sophie Lahti, Ron Martini,  Rowan Maxey, Chloe McKellar, Ashley Peters, Ryan Prihoda, Addie Sell, Ella Sell, Maggie Smetana, Damion Torgerson, Carly Tyberg.

Eighth grade: Abby Aagaard, Elsa Babolik, Emma Belsheim, Hannah Bombard, Deacon Foss, Emma Hermanson, Julia Hochban, Eva Johnson, Tristian Johnson, Hayden Lind, Solei Olson, Sophia Olson, Marek Overtoom, Jacob Paulson, Jace Preston, Jake Rasmussen, Lena Roubinek, Arissa Rydberg, Brody Tayerle, Summer Thieman, Alison Unverzagt. 

Seventh grade: Charlie Ausmus, Henry Ames, Anthony Bergeron, Frank Betters, Luke Bloomquist, Amelia Bombard, Luke Bombard, Paige Bombard, Noah Brady, Rachel Brown, Abbie Burch, Annika Dock, Eli Fromm, Landon Ganote, Stella Helseth, Kacee Hiler, Ethan Horak. Daimien Lord, Morgan Macho, Roman McKinney, Piper Mettling, Daniel Milliman, James Moore, Amber Norton, Braxton Peetz, Jace Peterson, Valerie Pickett, Bryer Willert, Levi Wilson.

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