Dragons end season 24-4 with playoff loss to Spectrum

Pine City faced off against Spectrum on Monday, March 11 and were defeated during this playoff game 76-63.

Pine City faced off against Spectrum on Monday, March 11 and were defeated during this playoff game 76-63.

Spectrum was a very talented team that had a great regular season. They went 22-4 in the regular season and were playing some great basketball heading into the playoffs. Pine City entered into the game with a 24-3 record and was also playing at the top of their game. Unfortunately, according to coach Allen, Pine City did not execute for most of the night and just did not bring their “A” game.

“They had some very talented individuals that created a tough match-up for us. Coming into the game, we thought we had a great game plan for what needed to be done; and looking back on it, I don’t think we would change a thing,” said coach Kyle Allen. “We had time to prepare, we had time to get our match-ups ready, and we had time to go through everything.”

Pine City tried to neutralize some of Spectrum’s big offensive threats in the game, which the Dragons defense was able to do for some stretches, but not for as long as was needed to slow the Spectrum offense.

Pine City also looks to their defense for rebounding at the boards; however, Pine City did not execute as well as usual.

“Statistically, we did not play well with them. We gave up 13 offensive rebounds, allowed them to shoot 30 free throws compared to our 12, and fouled them 23 times compared to the 12 fouls that they committed,” said coach Allen.

Seth Logan led the Dragons in scoring with 23 points. Logan also led in total rebounds with 11. He was followed by Nick Hansmann with 10 points and six total rebounds. Hansmann also led Pine City in assists with five.

“This group has been so fun to coach, all year they have been great about execution, changeability and next play mentality. For whatever reason, we just didn’t have those things that night,” said coach Allen. “It is not the way this group deserves to go out. It has been a tough pill to swallow.”   

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