March is National Athletic Trainers Month and Pine City is extremely fortunate to have Rebecca Huberty (Becky). Becky attended the College of St. Scholastica where she earned her bachelor’s degree in exercise physiology in 2014 and her master’s degree in athletic training in 2016. She currently works for FirstLight Health Systems in the cardiac rehabilitation department as well as being the athletic trainer for Pine City High School.

Becky is a First Responder. Being trained in emergency health care management, she is often one of the first people to an injured student athlete. She also provides care in non-emergency situations, treating previous orthopedic injuries and assisting in the athlete’s rehabilitation. But more than that, Becky is a mentor and friend to the Pine City student athletes.

“Becky has been a huge help to me these past couple of seasons. I have had a couple elbow injuries and some sprained ankles that she has helped me with. I like going to Becky because I know that her last resort is to have me sit out; she will always tape it or give me stretches to do instead of just telling me to sit out. In fact, I don’t think she’s ever had me sit out because of an injury; she has always had other ways for us to combat it. Becky is always a ton of fun, we always hang out in her room before practice and talk to her about anything and everything, she truly cares for all the athletes at this school and it shows. She is the biggest reason that I want to become a physical therapist or an athletic trainer after I graduate. She is super passionate and knowledgeable about what she does and cares for every athlete at Pine City. Our athletic programs would definitely not be the same without her.” -  Student athlete Emily Carpenter.

“Becky is more than a trainer. The amount of extra time that she commits to every team is astonishing. There were countless practices where Becky would show up just to fill our water bottles. I cannot thank her enough for everything she has done for me and our team.” -  Student athlete Tommy Ryan.

“Becky  takes pride in her work and has a great work ethic, going beyond what is expected. She has notes on each player for easy access regarding past injuries, as well as problem injuries/areas for each team. When asked, she can assist the coaches in designing workout programs, based off of this information, to strengthen the players, resulting in less injuries.

“Becky has our athletes’ well-being at the center of her care. She has crazy hours and juggles a lot of schedules, but is always available and willing to help our athletes perform at their best.” - Varsity softball coach Jena Dennis.

“I do not know of any high school trainers that care about their athletes more than Becky. She is in constant contact with both the coaches and the athletes, checking in non-stop to make sure the athletes are following through with their plans. She goes above and beyond the daily requirements and always makes sure to check in.” - Varsity boys head hockey coach Grant Nicoll.

When talking to Becky she will tell you that she is the one that is grateful to be at Pine City and working with the Dragon student athletes. She said some days can be long and stressful, but her student athletes make it worth it. They have shown her much appreciation for what she does.

“One of my girls basketball players wrote me the poem below and gave me a chocolate muffin as well,” said Becky Huberty.

“Roses are red,

Violets are blue.

The month of March,

Is to celebrate you!

You deal with blood, sweat, and tears.

And we hope to keep you here,

For many more years.

Thank you for all the work you do.

There is no one I would want,

To be our trainer but you.

Love you, Queen!”

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