Local runners join Grandma’s Marathon

A view from a walkway over the last mile of the course leading into Canal Park.

The 2019 Grandma’s Marathon, Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon and William A. Irvin 5K races were held June 21-22 in Duluth. Area participants, according to the Grandma’s Marathon website, are listed below, with their name, hometown and time.

William A. Irvin 5K, 1,905 finishers

Becky Hallan, Pine City, 42:46

Stephen Hallan, Pine City, 49:51

Cindy Dehkes, Pine City, 41:06

Makenna Nelson, Pine City, 29:19

Judy Patzoldt, Pine City, 54:37

William Patzoldt, Pine City, 54:38

TJ Rank, Pine City, 21:22

Joshua Hoover, Kettle River, 42:33

Shawn Bailey, Moose Lake, 20:22

Anna Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 40:07

Lance Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 32:26

Nikki Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 50:21

Casey Johnson, Sturgeon Lake, 42:51

Derek Johnson, Sturgeon Lake, 42:49

Amanda Bergerson, Willow River, 36:57

Mary Hofmann, Willow River, 45:20

Tyler Hofmann, Willow River, 45:01

Tyler Hansen, Sandstone, 29:20

Garry Bjorklund Half Marathon, 7,493 finishers

Lauren Rabe, Hinckley, 2:07:53

Ryan Rabe, Hinckley, 1:39:30

Josiah Laposky, Hinckley, 2:00:42

Anthony Norlander, Hinckley, 2:05:48

Diana Gonzalez, Hinckley, 2:46:51

Abigail Painovich, Hinckley, 2:18:39

Sara Seiling, Pine City, 2:11:51

Elizabeth Anderson, Sandstone, 3:15:41

Emily Eitens, Sandstone, 2:33:50

Christy Melzark, Askov, 2:11:11

Janet Paulsen, Askov, 2:00:31

Brianne Johnsen, Askov, 2:33:50

Savannah Gamst, Moose Lake, 2:04:51

Jacqueline Volk, Moose Lake, 2:17:13

Mindi Kvaal Anderson, Moose Lake, 2:05:53

Kendra Metz, Moose Lake, 2:09:42

Anna Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 3:02:35

Nikki Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 3:34:39

Lance Molis, Sturgeon Lake, 2:34:04

Rachelle Wasche, Sturgeon Lake, 2:15:40

Elliott Wasche, Sturgeon Lake, 1:49:27

Abby Anderson, Sturgeon Lake, 2:26:06

Jacob Christopherson, Sturgeon Lake, 2:09:41

Dale Lund, Sturgeon Lake, 2:01:57

Sasha Narayan, Sturgeon Lake, 1:57:01

Amanda Bergerson, Willow River, 2:37:08

Judy Mlaskoch, Willow River, 2:41:44

Pamela Kuhlman, Willow River, 2:31:29

Destany Anderson, Willow River, 2:22:28

Brannan Best, Rutledge, 2:22:06

Grandma’s Marathon, 6,366 finishers

Mark Benoit, Sturgeon Lake, 2:59:11

Jordan Berglund, Sturgeon Lake, 4:52:12

Seth Gamst, Sturgeon Lake, 3:42:05

Jackie Habermann, Sturgeon Lake, 4:55:19

Nicholas Allard, Moose Lake, 2:46:51

Daniel Doty, Moose Lake, 4:45:06

Spencer Lower, Moose Lake, 5:10:18

Jonathon Pettit, Moose Lake, 3:46:27

Jennifer Gilman, Pine City, 4:55:36

Madeline Gilman, Pine City, 4:55:36

Wayne Gilman, Pine City, 4:55:36

Rob Spahr, Pine City, 5:54:12

Maverick Koecher, Kerrick, 3:45:49

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