Pine City 84, Sauk Centre 75

One of the Dragons’ goals, going into each season, is to host a home playoff game. The loud and excited home crowd helped Pine City throughout the game and to their 84 – 75 victory.

“It was a true home court advantage for us,” said coach Kyle Allen. “We love our fans, families and community, and when they come out and support us like that, we feel we have a huge advantage.”

Sauk Centre did their homework and came out and had a great game plan. Having to go against not only one of the most talented starting five players, one of them a true 7-footer in height, posed some problems for the Dragons. To offset the lack of scoring two-point shots, Pine City was able to take a higher than normal amount of three-point field goals.  The Dragons took 55 in the game, making approximately 42 percent of them.  The Dragons shot a nice percentage from the free throw line going seven for nine (78%).

Pine City was able to come up with the big shots at crucial times throughout the game.  Konnor Jusczak hitting three three-point shots in a row from the same spot in the second half. Seth Logan was able to shoot over the defense, hitting some contested three-pointers in the first half, and Koleman Lind made his presence known on the floor, hitting some daggers of three-pointers toward the end of the second half.

Seth Logan led Pine City with 21 points and 12 total rebounds. Konnor Jusczak had 18 points and three rebounds. Nick Hansmann had a good night with 17 points and four total rebounds. Koleman Lind had 14 points and two total rebounds. Lind also had eight assists during this match up. Jake Adams showed his abilities on both sides of the court with 11 points, five total rebounds and nine assists. Duke Waxberg and Christian Fromm came in off the bench and played some crucial minutes for Pine City.

“We will take on Spectrum in the next round, a very talented team,” said coach Allen. “To advance, we will need our defensive execution and rebounding to both improve. You have less chances for mistakes as you advance into the next rounds.”

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